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Weed Control - Austin, TX

Magic Pest & Lawn goes the extra mile in keeping your home and lawn beautiful with our professional weed control services in Austin and the surrounding areas. At Magic Pest and Lawn, our staff understands that getting rid of weeds is equally important as getting rid of your pests. Our weed control and lawn care team stays up-to-date on the most innovative weed killer treatments and our goal is to get rid of weeds so well that you won’t need to call us back unless it’s for preventative weed control treatments.
Without pre-emergent weed control or regular spraying, weeds can get out of hand and become a homeowners’ nightmare. Weeds left untreated can even decrease your Austin property value. Pulling weeds form your garden or applying fertilizer once a year isn’t enough to keep your landscape healthy and thriving. Reliable weed control requires consistent care from our experienced lawn care professionals.

Why Magic Pest and Lawn is the Premier Local Weed Control and Lawn Care Service in Austin 

  1. Eco-friendly and Safe Weed Control Chemical Spraying: Our lawn care experts ensure that our chemical weed control service is the most effective, yet safest way to control weeds in your lawn, so you can rest assured that your children and pets will be safe. We use low-toxicity weed control sprays because we know our Austin-area clients want to do their part to remain eco-friendly in all aspects of lawn care.
  2. Local Weed Control Expertise: Our lawn care and weed control technicians are from the Austin area and truly understand the unique struggles for weed control in Austin. The soil in Texas can be very tough to deal with, which is why it’s important to consult our local weed control professionals on the best approach for killing weeds. We even offer soil amendments to aid in creating healthier dirt for your lawn to flourish. We know everything about native weed species and the weather-related challenges and the opportunities your landscape has to thrive free of weeds. We know the struggles that Austin homeowners face when it comes to lawn care and controlling weeds, so why not ask the experts?
  3. Comprehensive Lawn Care and Weed Control Services: When it comes to overall lawn care and weed control, Magic Pest and Lawn does it all! Whether you need pre-emergent herbicides to eliminate weeds at an early stage as part of our weed prevention service, or lawn disease treatments and soil amendments, we provide a comprehensive lawn care package to make us your one-stop-shop for weed control and lawn care services.

Magic Pest & Lawn’s Weed Control and Lawn Care Services

At Magic Pest and Lawn, our goal is long-term weed prevention and control. Our team loves making your yard vibrant and healthy year-round. We even provide winter protection with pre-emergent treatments that protect against the winter weeds, such as thistle. Our services cover all aspects of weed control and lawn care, and we offer many different packages to choose from. We can come to your Austin home to spray for weeds, fertilize, or perform soil amendments anywhere from one to six times a year—as long as it takes to ensure you’re satisfied! Here are some of the weed control services we offer our valued client in Austin and beyond:

Weed Control
• Lawn Fertilization
• Lawn Disease Treatments
• Pre-emergent Weed Control
• Soil Amendments
• Lot clearing
• Pathway and xeriscape cleaning

We spray for:
• Johnson Grass
Crab Grass
• Nutsedge
• Dallis Grass
• Spurge
• Poison Ivy
• Poison Oak
• Vine Species
Yellow Wood Sorrel

At Magic Pest and Lawn, we provide customized weed control and fertilizer treatments for your lawn and landscape needs. We know you are proud to have a green, healthy, and lush lawn and landscape that is properly nourished and protected, and we want to help you maintain it.

Contact Magic Pest and Lawn’s Austin weed control experts today for help controlling weeds because we understand that weeds are pests too!

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