Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control in Austin, TX

Bed Bugs in Austin, TX

At Magic Pest & Lawn, we can help you permanently remove bed bugs with our Austin bed bug control services. Bed bugs are small, brown pests that can infest your home, specifically your bed, and hide underneath your bed spring or mattress. They may also crawl into small crevices, carpets or other dark places in your home. Bed bugs can be tough to get rid of on your own and you will most likely need professional Austin bed bug control services to remove them. Our local pest control services at Magic Pest & Lawn in Austin offer effective pest control techniques and tools to ensure your home is left pest-free.

The extensive list of Austin pest control services that Magic Pest & Lawn offers also includes bed bug control. Bed bugs in Austin can cause severe rashes, welts and painful bumps. It is important to get a local pest control professional to identify these Austin bed bugs, and create a plan to exterminate them. Bed bugs are highly active at night, so while you are sleeping they will be looking for food.  Bed bugs can sense when you are asleep by the amount of co2 emitted from your mouth.  They know based on that when you are in R.E.M. sleep and bite.   When they make contact with your skin, they will use their long beak to extract your blood until their bodies are full. This process will leave you with intense discomfort and itchiness in the morning. Because most Austin bed bug control treatments require chemicals, it is very important to contact a local pest control expert. At Magic Pest & Lawn, we will provide safe and eco-friendly treatments to address your bed bug control needs.

Why Trust Us with Bed Bug Control?

The local pest control experts at Magic Pest & Lawn offer the top pest control and bed bug control services in the Austin area. For years, our experts have serviced the Austin area, providing exceptional customer service and eco-friendly, safe pest control techniques. Our bed bug control services will leave you stress-free, so you can enjoy a great night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for Austin bed bug control, call Magic Pest & Lawn today!