Beetle Control - Austin, TX

Have a beetle infestation? Our Austin Pest Control Services team with Magic Pest are experts in identifying which type of beetle you may be dealing with. With over 350,000 types of beetles identified, these bugs can be a real nuisance to homeowners. Our expertly trained eco-friendly pest control team can quickly identify and handle any type of pest you may find in your home or business. 

Beetles have several identifying traits that separate them from other insects. Their hardened front wing cases make beetles easy to identify within their species. Beetles also have mouths that are made for chewing instead of sucking or piercing like other insects. Beetles feed on plants, fungi and invertebrates species, while breaking down animal and plant remnants. Properly identifying which species of beetle you’re dealing with is where our experts come in. Treating the wrong type of beetle or not identifying it’s source can have negative ramifications on any type of pest control. Routine pest control maintenance is your best defense against beetles of any variety. 

Having a local pest control Austin team that can quickly and efficiently come on site to your home or business, identify the beetle, and locate a source is your best defense against a beetle infestation. Our routine pest control maintenance can also help ensure that beetles don’t find your home particularly habitable. At Magic Pest, we use professional pest control spraying on a regular service schedule to make sure pests, in general, don’t become an actual infestation issue. 

Beetles have been found in almost every habitat on earth except the sea and polar regions. Your home doesn’t have to be one of them. Our Austin eco-friendly pest control team can ensure your home is fully protected from beetles. Give us a call today! Let us show you the difference Magic Pest can make in your home or business!