Bermuda Grass Control - Austin, TX

Bermuda Grass Austin TxBermuda is a warm season grass that you find on pastures, sports fields, golf courses, parks and lawns. Bermuda grass is a dense grass that is sometimes referred to as “South Grass”. 

Bermuda grass is a warm climate grass that loves the Texas humidity. Bermuda grass is drought resistant and can stay green all year round with temperatures above 60 degrees.  Bermuda needs to be watered weekly to remain green.  Bermuda grass can be planted and grows in the spring and summer months. Bermuda grass can be planted by seeding or by laying sod. 

Bermuda grass thrives in direct sunlight and has a hard time in shaded areas. Bermuda grass is an aggressive grass that can quickly overtake flower beds if not kept in check, making a great grass to withstand heavy traffic. Since it is an aggressive grass, Bermuda grass is hard to get rid of once the roots are established. Bermuda grass grows by runners above and below the soil called stolons.  

If you need help maintaining Bermuda grass in your Austin, TX area home, call the experts at Magic Pest and Lawn.