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Bird mites - chicken mites control austin txBird mites, also called chicken mites are a tiny nuisance that live on different bird species skin, but can find their way into homes and other structures. Bird mite populations grow at a rapid speed and are extremely destructive to home exteriors, attics, and any void within a wall. Bird Mites prefer to feed on birds but will resort to feeding on humans as well. 

Bird Mites are extremely small, about 0.3 – 1 mm long. They are semi-transparent yellow, and oval in shape. They have a tick-like appearance with eight legs, prominent mouthparts, and become dark after feeding. Bird mites peak in the late spring and summer. Bird Mites hide or burrow during the day and are most active from dusk till dawn. They thrive in damp, humid and overcast conditions. The mites do not like dry, hot, or sunny conditions. 

Bird Mites will choose a host and remain living on that host for their entire life. If their host dies, they migrate to find another host to live off of. Female bird mites need blood to reproduce. Bird mite’s life cycle is complete in about seven days, depending on their environment. They can become aggressive when their original food source is gone, resulting in biting humans and invading homes. Bird mites favor insulating material like bedding and cotton fabrics if they infest a house. They reproduce in the thousands, which makes getting rid of them a difficult task. 

Bird mites find a host by their receptors for moisture, heat, and CO2. People often notice them crawling near their mouth, nose, ears, eyes, and groin area. The female bird mite makes up about 95% of the whole population. They secrete a pheromone to attract others and swarm their host. This results in biting and multiplying in large populations. Hosts that are less active at night will notice more bites compared to those more active during the day. Bird mites can survive in cold weather and live for an extended amount of time without a host. They also have higher populations on hosts that are in poor health. 

If you think you might be dealing with Bird mites but are not sure, Magic Pest and Lawn can help you identify bird mites and identify where the infestation is coming from. The Experts at Magic Pest and Lawn will come up with a plan to get rid of bird mites and how to prevent them from coming back.  

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