Black Crazy Ants

Black Crazy Ants Control - Austin, TX

No one wants to find ants in their home. That long rope chain of unwelcome guests that you know are headed straight for your pantry. Our Austin Pest Control Services can protect your home from any type of pests, including Black Crazy Ants. While finding the chain of crazy ants may not be tough, figuring out where they’re coming from can be! Black Crazy Ants get their name from their erratic behavior when startled. Worker ants can range from 2.3-3mm in size. These ants do not have stingers but will bite when threatened. Their bite is capable of injecting a formic acid secretion that can irritate and itch. Let our Routine Pest Control Maintenance keep the ants out of your home. 

Black Crazy Ants will feed on any food source but are known for being able to harvest seeds from crops. They can eliminate entire crops just by foraging seeds in crop beds. These ants are able to travel long distances from their nests to food sources, which adds to the difficulty in locating their source. Our Eco-Friendly Pest Control keeps your home protected while being safe enough to use indoors. There are several ways homeowners can protect themselves from ant infestations. Keeping food sealed and cleaned up can discourage pests. Ensuring doors and windows are sealed and caulked can also protect your home. Your Local Pest Control, Magic Pest, can also treat the exterior of your home after caulking is finished. Keeping your grass trimmed and removing piles of rocks, leaves or wood stacks from the perimeter of your home can also help keep pests out. Using a Professional Pest Control Spraying from Magic Pest is the best defense to add to your own maintenance. 

Our highly trained staff and technicians know exactly what to look for with Black Crazy Ant infestations. Our Austin Pest Control Services are designed around homeowners like you. Let us help protect your home and family today.