Brown Spot Control in Austin, TX

Brown spots in your manicured lawn can be frustrating. Brown spots in your yard can leave you baffled at how they got there, and what is causing them. Brown spots can develop for many different reasons. Mowing professionals can also be linked to spreading fungus in your yard. If they cut a contaminated yard before yours without cleaning the blades, it is likely that the disease will spread to your yard. Always ask mowing professionals to clean their mower before mowing your yard. The experts at Magic Pest and Lawn can help you identify what is causing brown spots in your yard, and give you a solution to get your manicured lawn back into shape.

brown-patch-in-lawn-fungusure. Grass Background. Patchy Grass, Lawn In Bad Condi


Fungus can cause brown spots in your lawn and yard. Fungal problems usually cause irregular patches. Extreme rain or humidity can cause fungal problems in your yard. Lack of sunlight and poor air circulation in certain areas can also cause fungal problems within your yard. Since you cannot control the weather, the experts at Magic Pest and Lawn have solutions to help get rid of fungus in your yard.

brown spots on lawn - grubs


Grubs are little insects (Grub Worm Control) that like to feed on the roots of your grass which leads to brown patches in your lawn. Brown patches caused by Grubs widen in a uniform way. A good indicator of a grub infestation in that area is that roots will not be present on runners (stolons) in the area. The experts at Magic Pest and Lawn can easily identify if Grubs are responsible for the brown spots in your yard and come up with a solution on how to repair your lawn. 

brown spots on lawn - dog urine

Dog Urine Burns

Dog Urine Burns are the most common reason why brown spots develop in your yard. Dog urine burns are caused by the high amount of nitrogen that is in dog urine. Dog urine burns are easily identified by the brown center and dark green outer rings on grass. The experts at Magic Pest and Lawn have the perfect solution for dog urine burns that will keep your lawn and yard looking green year round. 

brown patch - weed dieback

Weed Dieback

Brown spots can occur when annual weeds try to take over. Weeds like crabgrass, bluegrass, and foxtails begin to die back leaving your green, manicured yard with brown spots. This is a natural annual cycle and can be avoided with proper lawn maintenance. Magic Pest and Lawn are the lawn maintenance experts. Sometimes lawn maintenance can be difficult and hiring professionals is necessary. 

brown patch - worn area and toys

Foot Traffic and left out Toys

During spring, summer, and fall months, we are out in the yard enjoying family and play time. As outdoor time increases, we forget children’s toys, or other things in our lawns. Pools, slides, outdoor games, and constant foot traffic can kill the grass underneath, leaving brown spots where those things once were. Magic Pest and Lawn can help bring those brown spots back to life. 

brown patch - thatch


Thatch is the build-up of dead and decaying plant material. Thatch prevents water and food from getting to grass roots, resulting in brown spots and patches. When Thatch build up is high, grass can actually start to grow on top of the thatch layer. Although grass grows on top, the thatch layer does not hold water, leaving underneath the thatch, dry and brown. Magic Pest and Lawn can properly maintain your yard so that thatch build up won’t happen. 


If you’re looking for the most effective, affordable methods of how to control brown spots on your lawn, consult the lawn care experts at Magic Pest and Lawn today.