Chinch Bugs Control

Chinch Bugs Control- Austin, TX

Magic Pest & Lawn specializes in Chinch Bugs Control!

chinch-bug-control-austin-texasChinch bugs are small insects that can cause severe damage to your Austin area lawn and landscape. Lawns and landscapes that have been affected by Chinch Bugs have the appearance of drought-like conditions. 

Adult Chinch bugs are very small, about ⅕ of an inch in length. Chinch bugs have black oval bodies, and have white wings that overlap. Their wings have black triangle shapes near their bodies. Immature chinch bugs are bright orange, and their bodies darken as they mature.

Chinch bugs suck the moisture out of the grass blades with their piercing mouthparts. They replace the moisture of the grass blades with poison causing grass to yellow and brown. The poison that chinch bugs inject into grass, interrupts the movement of water, causing it to die. 

In early stages of Chinch bug damage, grass begins to yellow. As the damage progresses, grass will then start to brown and die. As the grass dies, Chinch bugs will move to the perimeter causing dead patches to move outward. A small patch of dead grass can quickly spread all over your Austin yard. One way to check if you have Chinch bugs is to water a yellow, brown, or dead spot of grass every other day for two weeks. If it doesn’t start greening up, you may have Chinch bugs. 

Chinch bugs thrive in St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia grasses in southern parts of the United States. Chinch bugs are the most active in late June to early September. Thick, plush lawns are the most vulnerable to Chinch bugs because they offer the perfect place to eat and lay their eggs. 

If you think you are dealing with Chinch bugs, call the experts at Magic Pest and Lawn. We can help you identify and treat Chinch bugs to keep your Austin Lawn beautiful all summer long.