Crabgrass Control in Austin, TX

Magic Pest and Lawn’s weed control experts provide Austin’s safest, most effective weed killer for crabgrass in grass and gardens.

Magic Pest and Lawn’s Austin weed control and lawn care professionals have the experience to help you with your crabgrass control and weed management problems–no matter how big or small.

If you spot a plant in your Austin lawn or garden that be out of place that has grown in a star pattern with the center exposed, you may need Magic Pest and Lawn’s Crabgrass control services before this weed takes over your landscape. Crabgrass, also known by its scientific name, Digitaria or common Crabgrass, is a common weed problem in the Austin area because it grows and thrives in warm or mild climates.

There are many species of Crabgrass (Digitaria) but the most common is what grows on lawns caused by not properly watering the lawn. Crabgrass Is the first to germinate which allows it to grow first and the fastest of other weeds and the grass that we want to grow on our lawns.

Identifying Crabgrass (Digitaria)

Crabgrass can blend in with lawn grass causing it to be harder to be identified. It is important to look at the blades of the crabgrass to properly identify. The blades of the crabgrass are wider and have a line down the middle. After mowing your lawn, crabgrass will grow faster than lawn grass, making lawn grass to look unkept and rough. Crabgrass is clustered compared to lawn grass.

Crabgrass (Digitaria) Weed Control

Crabgrass can be difficult to control and get rid of completely. Magic Pest and Lawn uses a non-toxic Crabgrass control herbicide or weed spray that can get to the root of your weed problem– no pun intended! Crabgrass spreads quickly, with seed pods that have the potential to hold up to 15,000 seeds, those seeds stay behind are ready germinate the next year. This makes it easy for Crabgrass to completely dominate your lawn or garden in no time without proper pre-emergent Digitaria prevention.

Crabgrass germinates from early Spring when the soil reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and if not contained quickly, it can become a headache for you and your Austin lawns and gardens.

If you’re looking for the most effective, affordable methods of how to kill crabgrass in lawns, consult the weed control and lawn care experts at Magic Pest and Lawn today!