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Daddy Long Legs Identification

At Magic Pest, we train our pest control technicians to be able to identify as many species of insects, bugs and rodents as possible. While we are good at what we do, it doesn’t take a lot of training to identify one of the most common “spiders” in the world. Daddy Long Legs! Daddy Long Legs can be found on every continent except Antarctica. They are commonly found in dark or damp spaces. Old homes, basements, garages make great homes for this lovable larger than life “spider.”

Ants, Wasps, Termites, Cockroaches and Daddy Long Legs

Our pest control plan can be catered to the pest problems you are experiencing. From year round flies or carpenter ants to brown recluse spiders, our technicians can find your pests and eliminate them. We get questions on common pests and other animals, such as rodents. Give us a call to see how we can help you with the right pest control plan.

Most People Think Daddy Long Legs are spiders…

Did you know that Daddy Long Legs are not actually classified as spiders? The vast majority of people would consider them to be spiders. Daddy Long Legs do have eight legs and they move like a spider. Yes, they are very spider-like, but they are classified as Arachnids.

Are Arachnids Classified as Other Insects?

Arachnids aren’t even classified as an insect! Adult insects are classified by having six legs, wings or antennae. Clearly, Daddy Long Legs do not fit into being an insect. There are two features of a spider that a Daddy Long Legs does not have that keep it from being called a spider: 

  • Silk Production
  • Venom

The fact that they are not able to produce silk for web making and they do not carry venom keeps them from being classified as an actual spider. If you find a Daddy Long Legs in a web, it would very much like to be rescued from the spider that built the web that will soon eat it. Daddy Long Legs are actually closer to scorpions than spiders! Not having venom doesn’t keep it from being a spider by itself. There are a few exceptions of spiders that don’t produce venom, but they are able to produce silk for webs. Daddy Long Legs do not have fangs or venom glands. 

Many Insects, Bugs & Animals Use This Defense Mechanism

If you have ever tried to catch or pick up one of these long-legged bugs, you know that when threatened they can shed their legs. Their legs are also nerve centers. They can sense vibrations, smells and tastes. Their legs do not grow back as adults, so their natural defenses are lowered when they are missing a leg. They also have defensive stink glands that can repel predators when threatened. 

Pest Control Plan for Common Pests & Other Insects

While Daddy Long Legs are not threatening or dangerous to humans, they can become a nuisance. No one likes bugs running around their home or office. So, if you find yourself with a Daddy Long Legs gathering, give us a call! At Magic Pest, we love the work we do and the families and businesses that we get to help.

Exceptional Service In a Single Visit or a Year Round Pest Control Plan

Whatever your needs are, at Magic Pest, we make it our goal to serve our customers with the best customer care and attention. We help customers at their homes or at their business. Our treatments and services are performed by our highly trained technicians who truly enjoy the hunt of finding, identifying and properly treating your pest problems.

Magic Pest & Our Pest Control Plan for You

At Magic Pest, we do our best to cater to our customers. We don’t want to sell you on products or chemicals that you don’t need. We can help you eliminate most species that we come into contact with. Pest control treatments can be performed during winter months to help control spring nests and warmer weather reproduction of local pests to our area.

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