Deathwatch Beetles

Deathwatch Beetle Control - Austin, TX

Deathwatch Beetles may be one of the more superstitious bugs we come across. Adults can make a tapping or ticking sound, usually at night. The sound was historically only heard by people sitting beside someones’ deathbed. Hence, the superstition that this bug is the “grim reaper” of an impending death. When in actuality, it’s just mating season! This bug should scare you though if you do hear it’s tapping in your home. A professional pest control spraying can help! GIve Magic Pest a call. We can help identify any critter and make sure you get rid of your unwelcome guests. 

The Deathwatch Beetle is a scary bug for homeowners. This particular type of beetle bores into the wood structure of your home or building and can cause structural damage. These beetles are usually more of a problem with older buildings and structures because of the type of woods used in older construction. Our local pest control team can come on site to help you identify the type of pest you may have and determine if structural damage has occurred. Routine pest control maintenance is your best defense against a Deathwatch Beetle infestation. This is a critter we want to catch before eggs are laid. 

If you’ve heard their tapping, look for boreholes around 3MM with cream colored dust from the site. These beetles are about 7MM long with brown bodies and yellow hair. A dehumidifier may be needed to dry out the wood affected or using heat treatments if necessary. Having routine pest control maintenance can help to ensure that this bug isn’t a regular problem causing long term damage. Our Austin Pest Control Services can help you live a more comfortable existence, because we get to look for these pests, not you! Our eco-friendly pest control is your best weapon to keep your home and business as unwelcoming as possible to pests like the Deathwatch Beetle. Give us a call today and let us make your home unwelcoming to pests of all shapes and sizes!