Earwig Control - Austin, TX

If you’ve found even one Earwig in your home, you know how alarming this bug is to find. Our Austin Eco-Friendly Pest Control team puts our experts into your home to ensure this is a bug you won’t find in your bedroom. Earwigs are usually ¼” to 1” long with light to reddish brown or even black bodies. They have 6 legs and 2 pairs of wings. The back wings tuck under their front wings and not all species of earwigs even use their wings for flight. The most obvious characteristic of an earwig is their pincers located on the back end of its body. Our Austin Pest Control Services are equipped at finding the source of an earwig infestation and making sure they stay out of your home for good. 

There are several ways home owners can protect their home before and after Routine Pest Control Maintenance. Inspections by homeowners should be done regularly to ensure seals around windows and doors are being maintained. Gutters and downspouts should be kept clean and checked for any water damage. Homeowners should also move any leaf or mulch piles as well as firewood stacks away from the perimeter of your home. Earwigs prefer dark moist spaces, such as basements. Our Eco-Friendly Pest Control options can take care of basements, interiors and the exterior of your home. 

Earwigs got their name from a superstition that they crawl into your ear at night. While this is not the case and earwigs do not spread diseases, their pincers can pinch if threatened. Rarely is skin broken and no venom is released from this type of bug. Earwigs are more of a nuisance and can become overwhelming in numbers if not handled properly with Professional Pest Control Spraying. Magic Pest of Austins’ Routine Pest Control Maintenance can ensure this type of bug doesn’t find a welcoming place to stay. Our Pest Control Austin team is highly trained and we pride ourselves on serving our customers in a timely and efficient manner.