Fall Weed Control - Austin, TX

Keep your Austin lawn protected year-round from dandelions, thistles, ragweed, and other fall weeds with Magic Pest and Lawn’s broadleaf weed control services!

Magic Pest and Lawn’s fall weed control experts will wipe out fall weeds to prevent weeds from emerging during the warmer months. Our local Austin lawn care experts help control autumn weeds with specialized, innovative, and affordable low-toxicity weed sprays, pre-emergent weed killer treatments, and customized broadleaf weed control plans to make sure your lawn stays lush and free of dandelions, thistles, clover, ragweed, and anything else you didn’t plant on purpose!

Southern lawns, especially in Texas, don’t often face the sub-zero temperatures and climate conditions necessary to kill off and prevent any chances of weed growth. In fact, fall and winter weed control is just as important for your lawn care regimen as spring and summer weed control, however, late fall is one of the most commonly neglected seasons for weed treatment.

Getting a jump-start with pre-emergent fall weed control and additional broadleaf weed management solutions is imperative because Austin and the surrounding Texas areas have unique climate conditions that allow for the growth of fall and winter weeds, also known as broadleaf weeds, which reproduce or germinate during the late fall and early winter, creating a mess of weeds that lie dormant around your Austin property. This provides quite an unwanted surprise when spring comes around, and your lawn becomes filled with dandelions, ragweed, thistles, clover, bluegrass, and other invasive weeds.

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Pre-emergent Weed Control VS No Preventative Weed Control

Types of Fall Weeds

Magic Pest and Lawn’s weed control and lawn care experts have both the knowledge and industry-leading weed killer products and treatments to help you identify and control fall weeds on your Austin property. Here are some common broadleaf weeds we prevent and control:

Dandelion Control

Dandelions are one of the most common types of weeds, and some of the most difficult to prevent and treat. Winter and fall are great times for pre-emergent herbicides to prevent dandelions from taking over your lawn in the warmer months. It is best to begin dandelion control before the yellow flowers turn to seed and spread like wildfire across your lawn.

Thistle Control

 Texas is home to over 10 types of thistle, which is why our weed management teams have become experts in thistle control for your Austin lawns. Thistles can grow very large and quickly overpower your lawns and gardens. We customize your thistle control treatments depending on the type of thistle, the prevalence of the infestation, and the stage of growth of the thistle plants. Thistle control can be competed by manual removal of the weed, herbicides, or specialized weed sprays.

Clover Control

 Killing clover in the lawn is important to some people because these small round pink or white flowers can attract bees, which is a danger for those with bee allergies. There are many methods of clover control, such as keeping your lawn thick and nourished—clover thrives in under-fed lawns—however, if you are constantly battling clover weeds, it may be time to consult Magic Pest and Lawn for the most appropriate and effective method of clover control.

Chickweed Control

Common chickweed is a resilient winter and fall annual weed that can even grow in below-freezing temperatures. Often found under shaded areas on the sides of your home or under trees, it’s important to prevent and treat chickweed (and its similar cousin, henbit) in the early stages of growth in the late winter/early spring while the plants are young. we perform chickweed control by digging it out or using our low-toxicity weed killer treatments. The longer you wait for chickweed control, the more resilient these weeds become, making them increasingly tougher to kill.

Annual Bluegrass Control

 Annual bluegrass control is known to be particularly tricky and often requires professional weed. Annual bluegrass is incredibly fast-growing (sometimes up to 15 inches tall if left unattended), and spreads quickly, leaving large, unsightly bare spots on your lawn when it dies. If you have a problem with annual bluegrass, consulting our licensed lawn care experts on the type of targeted post-emergent herbicide treatments to use is important because annual bluegrass control treatments can depend on the type of grass you grow on your lawn.

Ragweed Control

 Ragweed control is incredibly important especially in residential areas, because many people have highly developed allergies to ragweed. Ragweed grows in heavy, uncrowded soil that may have low fertility. A ragweed plant can create more than 60,000 seeds if it reaches maturity, so it is important to enlist professional ragweed control services at the first sign of ragweed. Some types of ragweed have built a resistance to common weed killers, but Magic Pest and Lawn utilizes special ragweed control methods to treat even the toughest ragweed plants.

Effective, Affordable Local Fall Annual Weed Control

Magic Pest and Lawn’s highly-trained fall weed control technicians keep up-to-date on cutting-edge methods for how to get rid of weeds in fall.  Our Austin weed control experts always use safe, low-toxicity sprays and herbicides to keep your pets and family safe, while reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you choose an annual broadleaf weed control package or simply need a one-time weed management solution, our weed control team will take care of all your fall weed problems effectively, efficiently, safely, and affordably.

Don’t allow fall broadleaf annual weeds to become the “gift” that keeps on giving—treat yourself to a beautiful lawn this autumn, and let Magic Pest and Lawn’s broadleaf weed control services do the tough work for you! Contact our fall lawn care professionals today so you can spend more time playing and less time spraying your Austin lawns and gardens!