Garden Spider Control

Garden Spider Control, Austin, TX

If you’re dealing with garden spiders in Austin, TX, Magic Pest & Lawn can help. We are locally owned and specialize in garden spider control and can get rid of these pests for good. We understand the challenges garden spiders can bring to your home or business, and we provide a comprehensive solution to ensure that they are gone for good. We pride ourselves in our detailed and highly responsive pest control services so that homeowners in the Austin, TX area can have peace of mind when it comes to their garden spider problem!

Spider Bites and Common Garden Spider Problems

Garden spiders are a common nuisance for homeowners in Austin, TX. These pests can cause a variety of problems as they spin their webs and feed on insects that may be beneficial to gardens. Garden spiders can also attract other pests such as ants and bees, which can further exacerbate the problem. Additionally, garden spider webs can be unsightly and difficult to remove without professional help. All of these issues combined make it important for homeowners in Austin, TX to take steps towards controlling or eliminating garden spider infestations before they become too large or difficult to handle.

Signs You Have a Garden Spider Infestation

There are some signs that you may have an infestation of garden spiders that you should be aware of. Common signs include seeing webs around windows, doorways, outdoor furniture and other areas where the spiders like to hide. Additionally, if you notice an increase in insect activity near your home such as flies and ants then this could also be a sign of a garden spider infestation.  You may find that you have allergic reactions to mysterious bites that could very well be from garden spiders if they end up biting you. If these signs are present then it is best to call a professional pest control company who has experience dealing with garden spiders in Austin, TX so they can provide a proper solution to eliminate the problem from your home once and for all!

Identifying Garden Spiders 

Garden spiders can be identified by their distinct physical characteristics compared to most spiders in Texas. Garden spiders have long legs with a brown or gray body that may be patterned or mottled depending on the species. They also have two eyespots on their head with an abdomen that is typically rounded at the end. These spiders also tend to build webs quickly and often near sources of food such as flowers and windowsills where insects commonly congregate. Additionally, garden spider webs are usually quite large and intricate compared to other types of spider webs which can make them more difficult to remove without professional help. Knowing how to identify garden spiders is important so you know when it’s time to call in a pest control expert who has experience dealing with these pests in Austin, TX.

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