Grasshopper Control - Austin, TX

Grasshoppers may not seem like a harmful predator inside your home. While the majority of their damage would probably be to your house plants, a swarm of newborn grasshoppers in your living room isn’t exactly what you want to come home to. Ideal weather conditions can cause an upsurge in grasshopper activity. Grasshoppers can find their way into your home in a number of ways. Our Local Pest Control Austin team will work with you to assess how pests may be getting in. Some areas in your home that you should inspect regularly are:

Doors and Windows – for worn weather stripping or caulk

Damaged Windows or Screens

Vents – All exterior vents should be covered to keep out pests and birds

Pet Doors – the seal around pet door flaps is usually an easy way for pests to enter

Foundations Cracks and Damage 

Our Austin Pest Control Services can help to ensure these areas are treated and protected against unwanted pests. 

Our Austin Eco-Friendly Pest Control team is equipped and trained to deal with any type of pest and any species of grasshoppers. There are over 600 species of Grasshoppers that have been identified within the United States. Worldwide, there are around 1100 species. Our trained technicians know how to identify and treat each species that may find its way inside your home. Our Eco-Friendly Pest Control provides the safest products to use inside your home. Grasshoppers are able to communicate using their own unique rhythms. Each species is able to recognize their individual sound for mating. The chirp that a grasshopper creates is made by stridulating or by rubbing their hind legs against their wings. Some grasshoppers crepitate to make their sound, which is caused by snapping their wings while in flight. However your grasshoppers are making their sound, our Pest Control Austin team will make sure you don’t hear it inside your home again.