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Grub Worm Control- Austin, TX

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Grub Worms Pest Control Austin TexasMagic Pest and Lawn knows how important your landscaped lawn is. If you have brown spots or holes  in your lawn, you may be dealing with grub worms. Grub worms or lawn worms, as they are sometimes called, eat the roots of your grass leaving your lawn brown and unattractive. Grubs attract other unwanted wildlife such as raccoons, possums, and armadillos, that feed on them. They dig up your lawn in search of the grubs, which makes your lawn look even worse. Grub worms come from japanese beetles and june bugs. They lay their eggs from mid-spring to  midsummer in the sunny areas of your lawn. 

Knowing what to look for can be the key to treating them. Visible lawn grub worm damage can be seen from mid spring to fall. Damage is seen as irregular brown patches on your lawn. The grass peels easily from the soil because the roots have been destroyed by the grub worms. For there to be significant financial loss, treatment is warranted if you find more than 6 grubs per square foot.

Grub Worm Treatment and protection by Magic Pest and Lawn

Magic Pest and Lawn knows how to deal with grub worms to get your lawn back to where it was before your grub infestation. Magic Pest and Lawn knows that mid spring is the best time to treat grub worms. The grub worms are still small and close to the surface under the grass during this time frame. 

Contact the professional pest control and Grub Worm experts at Magic Pest and Lawn to help you identify and get rid of Grub Worms before they destroy your Austin Lawn.