Henbit Control in Austin, TX

Magic Pest and Lawn’s weed control experts provide Austin’s safest, most effective weed killer for Henbit in grass and gardens.

Magic Pest and Lawn’s Austin weed control and lawn care professionals have the experience to help you with your Henbit control and weed management problems–no matter how big or small. If you have shady parts of your Austin yard where grass doesn’t grow, but you have a sprawling weed growing in the winter and early spring, you may be dealing with Henbit. Henbit can produce up to 2,000 seeds that can take root and keep you fighting with it for years.

What Does Henbit Look Like?

henbitHenbit has a shallow taproot that branches out. The low growing, upright, sprawling plants have a number of weak stems arising from the base that may be erect or lay horizontal on the ground. The stems are green but often become purple with age. The fine stems are covered with downward pointing hairs. The seeds that are produced are tiny brown in color and have white spots. Their triangular cross-section is broader in one area.

Henbit Behaviors and Control 

Henbit takes advantage of thin, moist areas of your Austin lawn. Henbit particularly likes to grow in shaded areas under trees and shrubs where grass already has a hard time growing. It grows in late fall, winter, and early spring, and is considered a winter annual.  The seeds go dormant when it gets warmer in the summer and into fall. Henbit will start to grow forcefully in January, and will be noticeable in your lawn. Distinct orchid-like, reddish-purple flowers start to bloom. As the temperatures rise in early summer, Henbit produces seeds and dies.

Henbit can be avoided by maintaining a dense lawn and proper mowing and fertilization. The experts at Magic Pest in Austin, will know what it takes to get rid of Henbit. We can properly fertilize your lawn and keep Henbit at bay. 

If you’re looking for the most effective, affordable methods of how to kill Henbit in lawns, consult the weed control and lawn care experts at Magic Pest and Lawn today!