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Hookworm control austin txHookworms are a common parasite in dogs and cats. If your dog or cat becomes infected with hookworms, they will deposit the worms and their eggs in your yard. When your animal defecates, eggs are present in the feces. The hookworm eggs hatch outside of your animal’s body and the larvae go into the soil. Other animals and humans are infected when coming in contact with the soil. Hookworm larvae can enter the body through the feet, and other areas. 

Hookworms do not damage your home or yard, but they can affect other animals and humans. If left untreated dogs and cats as well as humans, can become very ill. Hookworm infestations can cause anemia and protein loss, which can lead to death of man’s best friend if left untreated. Hookworms cannot withstand sunlight and die once they are exposed. Hookworm larvae hide in blades of grass, under plants, and other shady areas. 

It is important to treat your yard and your pet for hookworms. Treat your pet by taking them to the veterinarian to get checked out and put on a preventative medication. When it comes to treating your yard, picking up dog or cat feces will help hookworms from spreading to humans and other animals. Mowing your yard, and discarding clippings  will also help to get rid of hookworms. 

To make sure that your yard is completely clear of hookworms, the experts at Magic Pest and Lawn will properly treat your grass and any concrete areas of your yard to make sure your property is completely rid of hookworms. 

Hookworm Treatment and protection by Magic Pest and Lawn

Magic Pest and Lawn knows how to deal with Hookworms to get your lawn back to where it was before a Hookworm infestation. 

Contact the professional pest control and Hookworm experts at Magic Pest and Lawn to help you identify and get rid of Hookworm before they infect other other animals.