Japanese Ladybugs

Japanese Ladybug Control - Austin, TX

Japanese Ladybugs or Asian Lady Beetles are known as the imposter of ladybugs. While they look very similar to a traditional ladybug, there are several distinct differences. Japanese ladybugs can infest a home and be true pests to homeowners and businesses. If you have a Japanese ladybug infestation, give our Austin Pest Control Services team at Magic Pest a call. Let our experts identify and properly manage your pest with our eco-friendly pest control. 

Ladybugs are easily spotted for their hard outer bright red shell with seven black dots. Traditional ladybugs are considered beneficial and don’t bite or cluster in large groups. The Japanese Ladybug, however, will bite, they do cluster and they can secrete a yellow film when threatened that can stain surfaces. The biggest difference between the two types is their clustering in large groups. The Japanese Ladybug will try to get inside during winter and will live in large groups, while a traditional ladybug will look for shelter outdoors when temperatures drop and will never congregate in large groups. Our Austin Pest Control Services are able to easily identify and treat any pest you may find. 

How do you know which type of ladybug you’re dealing with? 


Japanese Ladybugs:

Bright Red/Black Spots

Red to orange coloration – with or without spots

Round/oval shape

Longer shaped

Smaller body

Larger body

Never found in large groups

Congregate in large groups

Black head with white spots on side

Identifiable white “M” shape on head

Routine Pest Control Maintenance is the best way to prevent a Japanese Ladybug infestation. Using an eco-friendly pest control keeps your pets and children safe during and after service. Our expert technicians will be happy to help you identify and create a maintenance plan to ensure you won’t find new “friends” in your home again. Give us a call to see how easy it is to have a pest free home with Magic Pest!