Jumping Spider Control

Jumping Spider Control, Austin, TX

If you’re dealing with jumping spiders in Austin, TX, Magic Pest & Lawn can help. We specialize in jumping spider control and can get rid of these pests for good. We understand the challenges jumping spiders can bring to your home or business, and we provide a comprehensive solution to ensure that they are gone for good. We pride ourselves in our detailed and highly responsive pest control services so that homeowners in the Austin, TX area can have peace of mind when it comes to their jumping spider problem!

Common Jumping Spider Problems

Jumping spiders can be a major nuisance for homeowners in Austin, TX. These pests are fast and agile, making them hard to catch and eliminate. They often enter homes through cracks or windowsills looking for food, which can include human food sources such as crumbs or open containers of sugar, even though most spiders eat insects. In addition to being an annoyance due to their presence inside the home, jumping spiders can also cause damage to furniture and carpets when they build webs or lay eggs in these areas. It’s important that homeowners take steps to control jumping spider populations before they become a bigger problem.

Signs You Have a Jumping Spider Infestation

Jumping spiders can be a nuisance in any home or business, and it is important to know the signs of an infestation so that you can take steps to get rid of them. Common signs that you may have a jumping spider infestation include seeing multiple spiders around your property, finding webs and egg sacs in corners or crevices, and noticing spider bites on yourself or your pets if they come into contact with the spiders. Additionally, some people may experience allergic reactions when exposed to their venom. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to call an experienced pest control service like Magic Pest & Lawn right away for professional jumping spider control services. We have years of experience helping homeowners in Austin, TX get rid of these pests for good!

Identifying Jumping Spiders 

Jumping spiders are small, agile arachnids that are distinguished by their unique ability to jump. Similar to that of a brown recluse spider, they range in size from less than 1 inch to almost 2 inches, and come in a variety of colors including black, brown, tan, gray, dark brown,  and sometimes yellow or green. Their bodies and legs are covered with tiny hairs that help them blend into their environment. Jumping spiders have eight eyes; the two largest eyes are situated on the front of their heads and allow them to see prey from as far as 10 feet away. These arachnids also have a pair of long anterior spinnerets which produce threads for web making. Like other common spiders, they use these webs to catch food and sometimes even to construct temporary shelters for protection against predators. They possess three pairs of walking legs and an additional pair of short arms near the base of their mouthparts used for grasping prey items. In addition to jumping, they can also climb smooth vertical surfaces such as walls, fences, or window screens with ease due to the special textures on the tips of their feet.

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