June Bug Control

June Bug Control - Austin,Tx

June-Bug-magic-pest-austin-txIf you see a beetle flying erratically around yourAustin home it might be June bugs. These beetles are attracted to outdoor lights and hang off of your window screens. June Bugs and their larvae are very disruptive to your lawn and garden. 

Female June bugs bury between 50 to 200 small pearl-like eggs in the soil. After three years of feeding on plant roots the larvae emerge as adults in late summer and then bury themselves again for the winter. In the spring adults emerge once again to feed on plants and trees. 

June bugs are also known as June Beetles and May bugs. They are named after the time of year they come out and are most common. June bugs are about ½ to 1 inch long and are either brown or red in color and have shiny wing covers. Adult June bugs live less than one year. They are identifiable by their clumsy flight patterns, which cause them to fly into windows or doors. June bugs love to cling to doors or window screens. 

Adult June beetles feed off of leaves from shrubs and trees, causing damage. June bug larvae cause the most damage. June bug grubs are white and live in the soil. They feed on turf root systems, leaving dry, bald patches in lawns. Grubs can destroy different crops like strawberries, potatoes, and corn. Larvae and grubs attract animals like raccoons, opossums, and armadillos. They dig in the lawn hunting for the grubs. 

How to get rid of June Bugs

June Bug control and prevention can be complex, which is why we recommend calling the pest control professionals at Magic Pest and Lawn to provide an effective, safe, and customized approach to get rid of June Bugs. Although these bugs may be pretty comical to look at and are harmless to humans, they are destructive to your gardens and farms. 

Contact the professional pest control and June Bug experts at Magic Pest and Lawn to help you identify and get rid of June Bugs before they destroy your Austin Garden or Farm.