Leafhopper Control

Leafhopper Control Austin, TX

leafhopper-control-austin-txLeafhoppers are a dangerous pest to your Austin garden and need quick leafhopper control. Both adult and nymph Leafhoppers feed on leaves by puncturing the undersides of them and sucking out the juices in the leaves. Their toxic saliva leaves white specks, yellowing, leaf curling, stunting, and disorientation of your Austin garden plants. Leafhoppers also transmit dangerous organisms that cause viruses in your Austin plants. Getting Leafhopper control quickly is important, the longer you let the leafhoppers feed on your Austin plants, the more damage they cause. If you suspect that you have a leafhopper infestation, contact Magic Pest and Lawn right away so we can exterminate the leafhoppers.

Identifying Leafhoppers

In Austin, leafhoppers grow to be about ¼ inch long, are slender, and wedge-shaped. Austin Leafhoppers can be green, brown, or yellow depending on the species of Leafhopper. They also have colorful markings on their backs. While adult leafhoppers have wings, the nymphs do not have wings and are often brighter in color. Both the adult and nymph leafhoppers are good jumpers, and the adults will quickly fly away after being disturbed in your Austin garden. There are a variety of different species of leafhoppers in Austin, so contacting Magic Pest and Lawn is important if you suspect that any species of leafhopper is destroying your garden or farm.

Getting Rid of and Preventing Leafhoppers

Leafhopper control measures should be taken at the first sight of leafhopper eggs, nymphs, or damage caused by adult leafhoppers eating your Austin plants. Leafhopper damage can be tough to control in Austin due to their mobility. If you contact Magic Pest and Lawn quickly after you notice signs of leafhoppers, we can formulate an effective, safe, and personalized approach to exterminate the leafhoppers to prevent your Austin garden or farm. 

Contact the professional pest control and Leafhopper control experts at Magic Pest and Lawn to help you identify and get rid of June Bugs before they destroy your Austin Garden or Farm.