Mole Crickets

Mole Cricket Control- Austin, Texas

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Mole Crickets

At Magic Pest, we are one of the top providers of pest control services in the Austin area. We can help you identify and rectify just about any critter you can find. Pest control is second nature to our team of experts. Mole Crickets are a member of the Gryllotalpidae family, along with Grasshoppers, Locusts and other crickets. The most damaging species in North America: Short-Winged Mole Cricket, Southern Mole Cricket and the Tawny Mole Cricket.

Infestation of Fire Ants or No Idea What That Bug Is

Whether you have an infestation of common pests or no clue at all about what type of bug is burrowing through your lawn or crop, we can stop by to identify and lay out a plan with you to safely eliminate the problem. At Magic Pest, our pest control treatments are catered to your property and your needs.

Mole Cricket Identification

There are 107 species that have been identified from this family of crickets. Mole Crickets do differ among varieties but will generally have bodies with a cylindrical shape, with fine or dense hairs, about 3-5 cm in length. This type of crickets has a very rigid exoskeleton with a soft abdomen.

Prehistoric Looking Exoskeleton

The rigid exoskeleton looks almost prehistoric. This cricket is usually easily identified by its front legs. They are flat or shovel-like to burrow. The back legs are what give this cricket a cricket like appearance, although the back legs are used for pushing soil not jumping. 

Tunneling & Damage

Mole Crickets are known best for their tunneling. They build tunnels underground for each stage of their life. They will have a tunnel for feeding, for escaping, for attracting a mate/mating, and for raising their young. These tunnels are built very quickly because of their front legs. Mole Crickets are also able to move very, very quickly, both forwards and backwards. The adults do have wings and can fly, usually at night.

Good Fortune or a Pest Problem

While many regions of the world consider Mole Crickets to be a sign of good fortune (Zambia), or a sign of coming rain (Latin America) or even a culinary delicacy (Camaro), here in the United States, we only consider them one thing, pests. Mole Crickets burrow just under the surface, about 2cm down. This pushes the soil up and increases evaporation of moisture; therefore, hurting germination and damaging roots. Many species feed on these roots, causing even more damage.

Mole Cricket Damage in Florida due to lack of Pest Control

In Florida alone, they have caused over $30,000,000 worth of damage to crops. Call our team for pest control answers and options before your pests become a liability. Let us help protect your crops.

Magic Pest Control Service

At Magic Pest we can help identify exactly what type of bug you are dealing with and then detail what variety and the best way to safely eliminate it. Pest activity is never something you want to deal with. We handle your pest problems for you throughout the greater Austin area.

Free Estimates on all Pest Control

From mosquito control to mole crickets and other pests, we can come out for a free estimate of a treatment plan that works for you. We can schedule same day service for emergencies or ongoing treatments to ensure troublesome pests don’t come back. If you’re looking for the right pest control company, give us a call to see the Magic Pest difference. We can also handle common pests.

Don’t Let Common Pests or Rodents Push You Around

Your property, your crops, your business can’t afford an infestation of a damaging burrowing pest like Mole Crickets. We can create a year round treatment service that will be catered to your needs. We do everything we can to ensure removal of pests while protecting your home and our environment.

Best Pest Control in Austin

When you realize those fire ants are back or that there is more tunneling in your yard, Magic Pest can design a treatment plan to fix serious problem bed bugs or cockroaches. Our trained technicians are able to handle insect control and rodents to crickets. We can tailor our services for new builds or older fixer uppers.

Integrated Pest Management

Our integrated pest management options will help us develop a plan to protect what’s most important to you. We hope when you consider pest control or pest control services, that you’ll consider Magic Pest. We work throughout the greater Austin area.