Nutsedge Control in Austin, TX

Magic Pest and Lawn’s weed control experts provide Austin’s safest, most effective weed killer for Nutsedge in grass and gardens.

Magic Pest and Lawn’s Austin weed control and lawn care professionals have the experience to help you with your Nutsedge control and weed management problems no matter how big or small. If you spot a plant in your Austin lawn, garden or an open field that has yellow-green leaves that stands out against the rest of your grass, you may need Magic Pest and Lawn’s Nutsedge control services. Nutsedge (Sedge) is commonly known as Nutgrass, a species of Sedge. Nutsedge stands taller than grass and grows much quicker than grass, even after being mowed.

Nutsedge is a common weed problem in the Austin area because it grows rapidly in the spring and summer months. Nutsedge has a triangular stem with very deep roots, which can make it hard to get rid of.

Identifying Nutsedge (Sedge)

Nutsedge grows in the spring and summer months when the temperatures increase. Nutsedge stands out against grass with its bright yellow-green leaves. If Nutsedge is left to grow, it produces distinctive spiky yellow-brownish flower clusters.

Nutsedge Weed Control

Nutsedge can be difficult to control and get rid of completely. Magic Pest and Lawn uses a non-toxic Nutsedge control herbicide or weed spray that can get to the root of your weed problem– no pun intended!

If you’re looking for the most effective, affordable methods of how to kill Nutsedge in lawns, consult the weed control and lawn care experts at Magic Pest and Lawn today.