Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental Cockroach Control - Austin, TX

oriental-cockroach-control-austin-texasOften referred to as a “waterbug” or “black beetle,” the oriental cockroach is one of the largest species and most popular of cockroaches . Contrary to its name, the oriental cockroach is from the African regions. These cockroaches have 6 legs, 2 antennas, and 2 wings. Fortunately, these insects cannot fly. They are a dark reddish-brown color and have a shiny finish. Oriental cockroaches have a potent odor, and have been often considered the dirtiest of the cockroach species. This pest often gets into houses through cracks in doors and windows, or through water pipes and garbage chutes. They can also accidentally be carried in through outdoor objects. They are mostly found inside toilet bowls, bath tubs, kitchen sinks and radiators. Oriental cockroaches love damp areas. In their natural habitat, these cockroaches often live in sewage drains and pipes. If you think you may have an oriental cockroach infestation, contact the experts at Magic Pest and Lawn.

The Dangers Oriental Cockroaches

The oriental cockroach is a major pest across households in the United States, and they can cause a lot of trouble. Although this pest does not damage the structure of your home or pipes, they can be quite a danger to yourself, children and animals. Research has shown that this species can carry up to 33 different types of bacteria, like Salmonella and C. Coli. These cockroaches scour for food, contaminating surfaces that you touch and ingest every day. Additionally, due to the shedding of their skin and feces, oriental cockroaches can dangerously affect those with severe asthma or allergies. Not to mention, they’re a huge aesthetic problem. Not many people view cockroaches as an interior design decision.

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