Pest Control Services – Cedar Park, TX

Pest Control Services - Cedar Park, TX

Magic Pest and Lawn is the premier pest control company in the Cedar Park, Texas area. Our local pest control professionals are dedicated to serving the Cedar Park community, providing comprehensive services including low-toxicity weed control spraying, lawn care, rodent removal, wildlife control, and insect infestation treatments inside and outside your home. Our pest control experts are capable of performing a variety of environmentally friendly control services that are both humane for wildlife and safe for your family and pets.

Our Local Pest Control and Weed Control Services in Cedar Park, TX

At Magic Pest and Lawn, we know that Cedar Park, Tx has its own unique pest problems with particular species of pests, weeds, and wildlife, making it important to use our local pest and weed control experts who truly understand the area and are dedicated to serving the Cedar Park community. Our pest control and lawn care professionals are proud to offer pest control services for a huge variety of household pests and insects you may encounter on your property, including:

  • Cockroach Control – Most cockroaches are nocturnal and appear during daylight only when disturbed or where there is a heavy infestation. They prefer warm, dark, and humid environments.
  • Scorpion Control – Scorpions are predatory arachnids and have no place around you or your family. Scorpions can be found in a wide range of sizes, from 1/2 of an inch to over seven inches long.
  • Mosquito Control – More than just a nuisance, mosquitoes are one of North America’s most dangerous pests. Mosquitoes can be dangerous to both children and adults and may potentially carry diseases, including the West Nile virus.
  • Ant Control – Without a doubt, ants are the most common household pests. Ants are very persistent and home remedies such as sprays and traps are only marginally effective.
  • Wasp Control – Wasps can be dangerous to people and often destructive to structures. Stinging insects are particularly problematic if you have small children in your home.
  • Fly Control – Flies can transmit many different diseases to people, including diseases associated with food poisoning like Salmonella or E. coli. Flies are known to spread other diseases, including: typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery and rotavirus.
  • Tick Control – Ticks are common in Texas, and can often be found in tall grass and wooded areas, which is why the first step to reducing or preventing a tick problem is to keep your grass cut short if possible.
  • Flea Control – Fleas are small wingless insects that live on the blood of humans and animals. Although they prefer to live and feed on animals such as dogs and cats, they do consider humans as their source of food as well.
  • Bed Bug Control – Bed bugs are small, brown insects that feed off the blood of animals and humans, and they are notoriously difficult to get rid of that thrive in upholstery and furniture.

Wildlife Removal and Rodent Control Services

In addition to offering pest control for insects, Magic Pest and Lawn provides wildlife removal and rodent control for your Cedar Park, TX property. Although some of these critters may be cute, they often can be aggressive or carry serious diseases that can be very dangerous for your family and pests. Wildlife removal is incredibly important when you have mice, raccoons, or possums in your home, because they can create major structural damage. Magic Pest & Lawn’s wildlife removal team uses live traps and rodent bait stations to humanely capture and remove rodents and other unwanted wildlife from your property to keep both you and the animal as safe as possible. We can help you keep common wildlife such as raccoons and opossums out of your home and off your property, using either rodent bait stations or live traps. We offer wildlife control and rodent removal services for the following:

Mice Control

Rat Control

Raccoon Control

Opossum Control

Skunk Control

Armadillo Control

Squirrel Control

Weed Control Services

Magic Pest and Lawn also proudly provides pre-emergent weed control, fertilization, soil care, and more to keep your Cedar Park neighborhood lawns beautiful and healthy. Our lawn care and weed control experts use low-toxicity weed killer sprays to remove weeds effectively, while keeping your family AND the environment safe. Here are some of the weed control and lawn care services we offer Cedar Park residents:

  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Lawn Disease Treatments
  • Pre-emergent Weed Control
  •  Soil Amendments
  • Lot Clearing
  • Pathway and Xeriscape Cleaning
  • We spray for:
    • Johnson Grass
    • Crab Grass
    • Nutsedge
    • Dallis Grass
    • Thistle
    • Clover
    • Spurge
    • Poison Ivy
    • Poison Oak
    • Vine Species
    • And More!

No matter which pest control service you need, our technicians are well-trained and always respectful of your Cedar Park home and property. Contact Magic Pest and Lawn today for more information about our pest control services in Cedar Park!