Acrobat Ants

Acrobat Ant Control - Austin, TX

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Identifying Acrobat Ants 

Acrobat Ant control and exterminator services are incredibly important in the Austin area. Magic Pest and Lawn’s ant exterminators are highly trained to deal with any type of ant problems inside and outside your Austin residence. Without a doubt, Acrobat ants are annoying outdoor pests. 

These insects typically live within decay or dead wood. Acrobat Ants can invade indoors by finding holes within foundation cracks or gaps around wiring and pipes. Acrobat ants are known to take over wood that termites or carpenter ants have damaged. Acrobat ants clean out the wood to make room for their own nests, making homeowners think they are dealing with a termite infestation.

What do Acrobat Ants look like and where do they live?

Acrobat ants get their name from their ability to raise their abdomen above their head when they are disturbed, and because they are usually climbing straight up the side of your house. Acrobat Ants are black in color and have a heart-shaped abdomen when viewed from above. Acrobat ants are small and measure about ⅛” in length. Queens are bigger, measuring ⅜”. Acrobat ants generally do not bite, unless of course their colony is disturbed and they feel like they are in danger. 

While ants live in many different types of climates and locations all over the world, Texas is extremely popular for these little annoyances. Ants enjoy living near humans, as we provide a steady source of food. These food sources include insects, sugar, and meat. 

Ants are very persistent pests, so sprays, traps, and baiting systems are only marginally effective. While these methods may eliminate a foraging trail or two, they are not very effective at killing the ant queens buried deep within nests and eliminating their capacity to lay eggs. Our ant extermination experts have years of experience targeting and eliminating ant nests in and near homes and businesses. Regularly scheduled follow-up visits by our ant exterminators ensure that ants can’t regain their breeding momentum or infest buildings. For effective, professional ant control and ant extermination contact Magic Pest and Lawn’s pest control experts.  


Contact Magic Pest and Lawn today to deal with your Acrobat ant infestation problems. When it comes to Acrobat ant control in Austin, Magic Pest and Lawn leaves no stone unturned….literally!