Ant Control - Austin, TX

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Ant control and exterminator services are incredibly important in the Austin area, which is why Magic Pest and Lawn’s ant exterminators are highly trained to deal with any type of ant problems inside and outside your Austin residence. 

Without a doubt, ants are the most common household pests. These insects are very resilient little omnivores, and buildings of any kind are favorite spots for nesting and food gathering. While ants live in many different types of climates and locations all over the world, Texas is extremely popular for these little annoyances. Ants enjoy living near humans, as we provide a steady source of food. These food sources can include garbage cans, dropped food crumbs and many other substances easily found in homes and businesses. For effective, professional ant control and ant extermination contact Magic Pest and Lawn’s pest control experts.  

Comprehensive Ant Control and Extermination – We Get Rid of Any Type of Ant in Your Home

Not all ants are created equal. While they may be tiny, some breeds of ants can actually be quite harmful and dangerous to humans and the structure of your home. The infamous fire ants are a severe and growing public health threat for their potent stings and aggressive nature. Fire ants often attack in the thousands, their stings are quite painful. For members of your Austin residence that suffer with certain allergic reactions, multiple fire ant stings can result in serious health consequences.

Carpenter ants usually nest in dead trees in the wild, but have little difficulty adjusting to homes and other buildings. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants don’t eat wood, but they do weaken structures by excavating large holes in lumber to make room for nests. Controlling and exterminating these and other ant species is best left to pest control professionals, as they are able to identify and target nests where the ants reproduce.

Ants are very persistent pests, so sprays, traps, and baiting systems are only marginally effective. While these methods may eliminate a foraging trail or two, they are not very effective at killing the ant queens buried deep within nests and eliminating their capacity to lay eggs. Our ant extermination experts have years of experience targeting and eliminating ant nests in and near homes and businesses. Regularly scheduled follow-up visits by our ant exterminators ensure that ants can’t regain their breeding momentum or infest buildings.

Contact Magic Pest and Lawn today to deal with your ant infestation problems. When it comes to ant control in Austin, Magic Pest and Lawn leaves no stone unturned….literally!