Fire Ants

Fire Ants - Austin, TX

Identifying Fire Ants with Help from the Pest Control Experts at Magic Pest and Lawn

If you’ve got fire ants at your Austin residence, you’ve got a problem. Fire ants are one of the most common type of ant control services requested by our Magic Pest and Lawn clients. This is because not only are fire ants annoying and invasive, they are also quite aggressive. If you live in Austin, there’s a good chance you have experience with fire ant bites or stings, and for such a tiny insect, these pests can cause a lot of pain.

What Do Fire Ants Look Like?

There are more than one species of fire ant, but the Red Imported Fire Ant is considered one of the worst when it comes to fire ant bites and infestations. This type of fire ant is not indigenous to the United States, but is (unfortunately) most commonly found in the southern states such as Texas. How can you identify fire ants in your Austin home or yard? Our clients often first discover they have fire ants by the appearance of a fire ant mound. Fire ant colonies will build mounds that can be as large as 18 to 24 inches in height! A fire ant colony can be found in any type of soil, and these pests thrive in warm areas, in rotting wood, around trees and stumps, or in/under your Austin property.

Fire ants, specifically the Red Imported Fire Ant, can be identified by their color—reddish brown—and small size—1/8 to 1/4 inch in length. Unfortunately, the way most of our Austin clients find out that they need fire ant control is because they have already received fire ant bites or fire ant stings.

Fire Ant Bites

Nobody wants ant infestations in or around their home, and people will often go to great lengths to try and get rid of fire ants on their own. However, professional fire ant control is extremely important because fire ant bites can be very painful and even lethal for a small percentage of people who are allergic to fire ant stings. That’s why it’s imperative to contact the Austin pest control professionals at the first sight of a single fire ant or a fire ant colony before your fire ant problem becomes more than an annoyance—but a potential safety risk for your Austin family and pets.

Fire Ant Control and Prevention for Your Austin Property

At Magic Pest and Lawn, our pest control experts understand that Austin residents have to deal with fire ants more often than most people in the United States, due to our Texas climate. Our pest control team has innovative fire ant control methods that help to both prevent fire ants and get rid of fire ants if you have existing issues. It is always easier to prevent fire ants than to get rid of fire ant colonies, because these insects reproduce at incredible rates. That’s why consulting with our knowledgeable pest control team on effective fire ant control methods is in your best interest for the comfort and safety of your Austin household.

If you notice even one red fire ant or an entire fire ant colony, it is time to call Magic Pest and Lawn’s fire ant control pest professionals today. Experience the Magic Pest and Lawn difference with our eco-friendly, effective pest control treatments to get rid of fire ants and live free of bites, stings, and annoyances of a fire ant infestation.