Crane Fly

Crane Fly Control - Austin, TX

If you find a flying insect that looks like an overgrown mosquito around your Austin area home, it’s time to call the experts at Magic Pest and Lawn. Although these insects are harmless, they are quite scary looking and could be causing problems for your lawn without you realizing it. 

What are Crane Flies? 

crane fly pest control austin texasThe Crane Fly is also known as a Mosquito Hawk and even a Mosquito Eater. A Crane fly can resemble an oversized mosquito because of its long body and wingspan. A Crane Fly has a tan or brown long, slender body with very long stilt like legs. Females might have a black body that has red on it. The Crane Fly wings are long and range from about 1 cm to 6.5 cm long. The adult Crane Fly has a short life span, about three days. 

Despite their appearance, Crane Flies are actually harmless. They do not bite or sting or are poisonous. Despite urban legend, Adult Crane Flies do not eat mosquitos. They do not eat much of anything as adults. Adult Crane Flies feed on the occasional flower for its nectar.  It is the Crane Fly larva that does eat something, and they can cause damage to lawns and other landscapes. It is important to note that if you start seeing Crane Flies, look around to see if you find lawn damage. 

Identifying Crane Fly Larva

The Crane Fly goes through a complete metamorphosis, there is an egg, larva, pupal and adult stage of life. Crane Flies start their metamorphosis in winter with a complete transformation into adulthood in early spring. Crane Fly larvae are short, stout worms that resemble a caterpillar that has no legs. They have thick gray skin and can be as long as two inches. 

Crane Fly Larvae hatch in the winter months to begin feeding on wet, decaying plant matter and on the crown and roots of your lawn. The result of their feeding are brown patches on your lawn. If not treated, larvae can re-emerge in spring when temperatures start to warm and feed on your lawn. 

Crane Fly Control

Crane Flies stay outside for the most part. Unless they find an open window or door, they are outside pests. They can look scary and intimidating if they are caught indoors. Once you spot adult Crane Flies you need to call on the experts at Magic Pest and Lawn to get to the root of your Crane Fly problem. We will take the proper steps to get rid of Crane Flies and make sure they do not return. 

Contact the professional pest control and Crane Fly experts at Magic Pest and Lawn to help you find and get rid of Crane Flies before they take over your Austin home!