In2Care Mosquito Trap - Austin, TX

Stay on the cutting-edge of natural mosquito control with the In2Care mosquito trap– Magic Pest and Lawn’s revolutionary method of eco-friendly mosquito repellent!

Magic Pest and Lawn’s Austin pest control team is excited to offer the In2Care Mosquito Trap, the latest and best mosquito treatment in the pest control industry. This innovative, eco-friendly mosquito trap is gaining immense popularity throughout the world, used as a primary home natural mosquito control treatment in over 30 countries. The benefits of using the In2Care Mosquito Trap are vast, and the Magic Pest and Lawn pest control team wants your Austin household to reap the benefits of In2Care mosquito treatment. The In2Care mosquito control system allows you to kill mosquitoes fast, naturally without the use of toxic chemicals found in traditional mosquito repellant.

What is the In2Care Mosquito Trap?

The In2Care mosquito treatment is a small pot-shaped home mosquito trap that is filled with water and a floating gauze landing strip, covered in bioactive ingredients that specifically target and attract mosquitos. Most Austin yards only need about 2 traps/pots to effectively control mosquitoes on your property. The In2Care Mosquito Trap targets a specific type of mosquito called the Aedes mosquito, which has been known for causing immense damage worldwide, as this breed of mosquito is a primary carrier of deadly diseases, such as Dengue, Chickungunya, Yellow Fever, and Zika virus. The Aedes mosquito is one of the most aggressively-biting mosquito species.  It is tough to kill mosquitoes of the Aedes species because they have become resistant to most insecticides. The Aedes mosquito also does not lay all its eggs in one central area, but rather, divides its breeding ground into several areas that are often hard to find. The In2Care Mosquito Trap is the best mosquito trap for this type of mosquito, because it uses a proprietary mix of active ingredients that directly target the breeding ground and the mosquito itself, killing the adult mosquitos and the larvae simultaneously.

How Does the In2Care Mosquito Trap Work?

Magic Pest and Lawn’s mosquito control experts have the expertise regarding set-up and placement of the In2Care Mosquito Traps on your Austin property. Once our pest control specialist has set up your In2Care mosquito trap, here’s what happens:

  1. A floating area in the central tube offers an attractive landing spot for pregnant mosquitos using a special odor. When mosquitoes land on the floating gauze strip, the mosquito is exposed to a bioactive larvicide powder and a naturally-occurring fungus. The larvicide powder remains on the mosquito’s legs and feet, while the fungus is absorbed into the body.
  2. The mosquito flies out of the trap and begins traveling to additional breeding grounds, each time spreading the mosquito-killing larvicide to kill the larvae before they hatch. Not only does the mosquito kill its own larvae, but by contaminating the entire breeding ground, it kills all additional larvae nests from other mosquitoes.
  3. Meanwhile, the fungus that the mosquito was exposed to within the trap is actively working inside the mosquito to slow down body functions and reduce the ability for mosquitos to bite or sting humans and transmit Zika, Yellow Fever, and other diseases.
  4. The mosquitoes exposed to the In2Care active ingredients are killed by the fungus and can no longer transport disease.

Why Should I Use the In2Care Mosquito Trap vs Traditional Mosquito Control Methods?

What is the best part about the In2Care mosquito trap? The mosquito does all the work! All you need to do is put the mosquito traps in your yard, and the mosquito is the one essentially spreading the mosquito repellant to its own breeding grounds. Here are some major reasons why In2Care is the best mosquito trap for your Austin home:

  • One trap goes a long way: One single In2Care trap can cover up to 400 sq. meters. That’s over 1,300 feet! Magic Pest and Lawn recommends 2 mosquito traps for an average-sized yard.
  • Kills mosquitoes in 2 ways: The In2Care mosquito control method can be considered a mosquito prevention treatment, as well as a treatment for full-blown mosquito infestations. That’s because it targets both adult mosquitoes AND larvae.
  • Fights diseases: The main reason the In2Care mosquito treatment was developed is to fight the spread of diseases such as Zika Virus, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and more. The fungus in the trap is effective in stifling the reproduction of disease within the mosquito and reducing the ability and desire for mosquitoes to sting and transmit disease.
  • Natural and Eco-friendly mosquito trap: The active mosquito-killing ingredients are fully tested and approved by both the WHO and EPA to be non-toxic for humans, pets, and other animals such as birds and fish which may be exposed to the trap. That means you are doing the environment a favor by using this green mosquito trap, while also ensuring the safety of your Austin family and pets by not exposing them to the toxic chemicals found in traditional insecticides and mosquito repellent.
  • Targets and kills mosquitoes ONLY: The bioactive agents and fungus in the trap are not harmful to other organisms. The bioactive ingredients are only toxic to mosquitoes, so you can keep desirable insects like butterflies and bees around even if they are exposed to the trap.
  • Targets hard-to-find breeding grounds: When it comes to combatting Aedes mosquitoes, it can be hard to find all their breeding grounds. With the In2Care system, the mosquitoes do the work for you, and transmit the insecticides themselves! This allows for 24/7 mosquito control.

In2Care Pricing

Magic Pest and Lawn keeps mosquito control costs reasonable for your Austin family. For the initial In2Care mosquito treatment, Magic Pest and Lawn will set up two In2Care mosquito traps for $120. The traps/pots will need to be reloaded with water and the In2Care mix every 30 days. The refills cost $60 total for 2 pots. For most Austin yards, two pots will suffice, although all yards and situations are different.

It takes about 2-3 weeks for this mosquito repellent to become fully effective, so now is the ideal time to get started! The sooner that we start, the less you’ll be “bugged” during prime mosquito season.

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Magic Pest and Lawn truly values our Austin-area customers and are always looking for better ways to attend to your pest control needs. Contact Magic Pest and Lawn today for the latest and greatest in natural mosquito control technology!