Natural Mosquito Control - Austin, TX

If you are having problems with a mosquito infestation in your Austin home, call the professional natural mosquito control team at Magic Pest and Lawn for natural mosquito control today! More than just a nuisance, mosquitoes are one of North America’s most dangerous pests. Mosquitoes can be dangerous to both children and adults and may potentially carry diseases, including the West Nile virus or Zika virus.

Unfortunately, the Austin area can actually become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, particularly in areas with a lot of moisture or standing water. That is why getting rid of mosquito is one of the most popular pest control service Magic Pest and Lawn provides for our clients in Austin and the surrounding areas. Our local pest control specialists know that mosquito control is a daunting and difficult task, but it also shouldn’t be expensive, unsafe, or stressful. Our mosquito control exterminators use safe, natural and eco-friendly In2Care Mosquito trap to keep your family and wallet happy.

When Do I Call Professionals for Mosquito Control Services? 

A mosquito infestation ruins your outdoor activities like grilling, lounging, gardening, and playing with kids. Keeping mosquitoes away from your home is critical for both your comfort and safety.

Magic Pest and Lawn offers a very effective natural  mosquito control and  prevention program. Our experienced pest control technicians can help protect you and your family from these common pests and show you how to eliminate breeding grounds.

Not only are mosquito bites itchy and irritating, but with the rise of serious diseases that mosquitoes can carry, don’t take the risk when it comes to a mosquito infestation. 

Contact Magic Pest and Lawn’s natural mosquito control crew today to start removing mosquitoes from your property,and make going outdoors fun and safe again!

Magic Pest and Lawn proudly offers IN2CARE Mosquito Traps–the newest, most innovative and effective mosquito control treatment method taking the pest control industry by storm! The IN2CARE Mosquito Trap System is a groundbreaking all natural mosquito control treatment that is eco-friendly and non-toxic to humans, animals, and other desirable insects, such as butterflies. The IN2CARE Mosquito Trap allows mosquitoes to do the work for you, by utilizing active ingredients which target and kill adult mosquitoes and their larvae.