Silverfish Control - Austin, TX

   Silverfish control is a pest control service frequently provided by our Magic Pest and Lawn technicians to our clients in the Austin area. Many of our Austin clients call us with complaints about wingless, teardrop-shaped, silver insects, but are unsure what to call these tiny pests. These insects are called silverfish. A silverfish infestation in your home can be incredibly detrimental, which is why the pest control experts at Magic Pest and Lawn will help you recognize when you might need professional silverfish control services, as well as steps you can take for silverfish prevention.

What Are Silverfish Attracted to and Why are they a Problem?

Silverfish control can be tough to manage without the proper training because these insects are incredibly fast-moving and tiny, which makes them hard to catch. Silverfish often thrive in difficult-to-reach places and lower-trafficked areas within your Austin home. This, combined with the fact that silverfish are mainly active at night, often means that a silverfish infestation goes unnoticed for long periods of time. Silverfish are drawn to damp, dark, and humid areas, which makes your crawlspace, attics, basement, vents, bathrooms, garages, and additional similar environments prime real estate for these pests. The best way to prevent silverfish infestations is to control humidity within these spaces, however, our Austin pest control team recognizes that this is not always possible with our local Texas climate.

Silverfish are bad news for you and your family because they enjoy chewing through materials such as linens, wallpaper, clothing, books and files, packaged food, and other important items in your home. These pests can also leave a yellow stain or ever worse—feces– wherever they are found. This alone makes it imperative to address your silverfish problem quickly before it’s too late. Silverfish reproduce incredibly quickly, so it won’t be long before your silverfish infestation is out of control.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Silverfish control and prevention can be tricky, which is why we recommend calling the pest control professionals at Magic Pest and Lawn to provide an effective, safe, and customized approach to get rid of silverfish when these unwanted guests appear. Although these insects might appear imposing or creepy, they are generally harmless to humans, and will not bite. However, the reason they can be so detrimental is that they ARE damaging to your property. Silverfish are nocturnal, and enjoy foraging through food in your cupboards and creating holes or other damage to your clothing, bedding, wallpaper, books, and anything else they can find in your Austin residence.

Many people try DIY silverfish bug control methods, however, these generally only kill a few of the insects, and do not get rid of the entire silverfish infestation. Our Austin pest control experts offer unique silverfish extermination methods that will prevent and control your silverfish problem.

Contact the professional pest control and silverfish experts at Magic Pest and Lawn to help you find and get rid of silverfish before they take over your Austin home!