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Identifying Tawny Crazy ants with Help from the Pest Control Experts at Magic Pest and Lawn

If you’ve got Tawny Crazy ants at your Austin residence, you’ve got a problem. Tawny Crazy ants are one of the most common type of ant control services requested by our Magic Pest and Lawn clients. This is because Tawny Crazy ants are invasive, they are also on the rise and show no signs of stopping. If you live in Austin, there’s a good chance you have experience with Tawny Crazy ants.

As part of their name applies, the Tawny Crazy Ant is, in fact, called crazy because of their quick, unpredictable movements. The Tawny Crazy Ant originated in South America and has started to increase in North America since 2002, predominately in Texas.  The Tawny Crazy Ant covers itself with formic acid as a defense to the fire ants’ venom. This defense is the only known example of another insect being able to defend itself from another insect’s venom. 

What Do Tawny Crazy Ants Look Like and Where do They live?

The Tawny Crazy Ant is very small, less than an inch at 0.125 in or ⅛ in, making it smaller than a fire ant. Tawny Crazy Ants are yellowish-brown, and are covered in reddish-brown hairs. Both males and females have wings. The females lose their wings after mating while males keep their wings throughout their life, but they rarely fly. 

Tawny Crazy Ants build their colonies under stones, piles, and yard waste. This ant species does not create mounds, nest or beds like other ants, making them a little easier to identify if you find their colonies. Individual colonies are small and have up to 20 queens. Though, Tawny Crazy Ants tend to build “Super colonies” if they inhabit a place for a while. These “Super colonies” are comprised of networks of tunnels allowing hundreds of millions. 

 Tawny Crazy Ant Control and Prevention for Your Austin Property

At Magic Pest and Lawn, our pest control experts understand that Austin residents deal with tawny crazy ants more than most people in the United States, due to weather. Our pest control team has innovative tawny crazy ant control methods that help to both prevent tawny ants and get rid of tawny ants, if you have existing issues. It is always easier to prevent tawny ants than to get rid of tawny ant colonies, because these insects reproduce at incredible rates. Consult with our knowledgeable pest control team on preventative tawny crazy ant control.

If you notice even one tawny crazy ant or an entire tawny crazy ant colony, it is time to call Magic Pest and Lawn’s tawny crazy ant control pest professionals today. Experience the Magic Pest and Lawn difference with our eco-friendly, effective pest control treatments to get rid of tawny crazy ants and live free of bites, stings, and annoyances of a tawny crazy ant infestation.