Tick Control - Austin, TX

If you want to keep your Austin family safe outdoors, tick control from Magic Pest and Lawn is a necessity. There are few things worse than a persistent tick problem on your Austin-area property. The threat these tiny insects present can make it impossible for you, your family, and your pets to enjoy the outdoors. If you are facing a tick infestation on your property, contact Magic Pest and Lawn’s tick control team as soon as possible.

Why is it Important to Get Professional Tick Removal to Protect Yourself from Ticks? 

Ticks can carry a number of diseases, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and other tick-borne diseases. These tick-related diseases can be harmful or even fatal to humans and animals. Ticks are quite common in Texas, and can often be found in tall grass and wooded areas, which is why the first step to reducing or preventing a tick problem is to keep your grass cut short if possible.

If tick problems persist, it is important to get one of our experienced exterminators and tick control technicians out on your Austin  property as quickly as possible. You can be as vigilant as possible about checking your family and pets for ticks, but eventually you are going to miss one, and it can become a serious health concern.

To protect yourself and your family from these insidious disease carriers, contact Magic Pest and Lawn’s tick control team today.