Wasp Control - Austin, TX

Wasp control is imperative to keeping your Austin family safe, and Magic Pest and Lawn’s pest control team is here to get rid of wasps quickly, effectively, and affordably so you can get back to enjoying outdoor activities.

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets play an important role in our environment. Bees and wasps pollinate plants and flowers and are necessary to keep things green and growing. However, they have no place near your Austin home or your family. Wasps can be dangerous to both people and often destructive to the structure of your home. Stinging insects are particularly problematic if you have small children in your home. If you have a wasp problem on your property, call Magic Pest today and stop living in fear of wasp stings or potential wasp attacks on your family or pets.

Wasps can vary dramatically in appearance and behavior among different wasp species. Some are social, some are solitary, some are parasites and others are predators. Unlike bees, they can be highly aggressive and sting more than once. Unfortunately, a policy of leaving the wasps alone may not be enough to ensure that they don’t bother you and your family. Wasps hang their nests from tree branches, porch ceilings, windows, doorframes, soffits, eaves, attic rafters, deck floor joists and railings. Common disturbances to these parts of your home may irritate them and lead them to sting.

Why Should I Call a Professional to Remove a Wasp Nest? 

Often times, people think they can out-smart or out-run wasps and try to get rid of wasp nests using their own methods. Unfortunately, people also often underestimate the amount of wasps that can inhabit a single nest, and quite quickly realize that removing a wasp nest without a professional pest control expert is a poor choice.

Many people are unaware if they have an allergy to wasps or bees until they have been stung, and this can end up to be a traumatic experience–sometimes even fatal.

Why take the risk when Magic Pest and Lawn has experienced bee and wasp control technicians that can safely and permanently remove wasps and wasp nests from your Austin home? We have professional wasp removal equipment to keep you from taking potentially very dangerous risks.

Contact Magic Pest and Lawn’s wasp control team today to free your family from the threat of wasps and stop living in fear!