Rhino Beetle Control

Rhino Beetle Control, Austin, TX

If you’re dealing with rhino beetles in Austin, TX, Magic Pest & Lawn can help. We are locally owned and specialize in rhino beetle control and can get rid of these pests for good. We understand the challenges rhino beetles can bring to your home or business, and we provide a comprehensive solution to your pest problems to ensure that they are gone for good. We pride ourselves in our detailed and highly responsive pest control services so that home and business owners in the Austin, TX area can have peace of mind when it comes to their rhino beetle problem!

Common Rhino Beetle Problems

Rhino beetles can cause a range of problems for homeowners in Austin, TX. These invasive pests can quickly become an infestation that damages lawns and gardens as they feed on vegetation. They are also known to make their way into homes, where they can contaminate food sources and create a nuisance. In addition, rhino beetles may attract other unwanted pests such as ants and fleas to your property due to the sweet odor the insects emit. Left unchecked, these issues could result in costly repairs or replacements that would be best avoided with prompt treatment from Magic Pest & Lawn’s experienced professionals.

Signs You Have a Rhino Beetle Infestation

The rhinoceros beetle can be difficult to detect as they are small and nocturnal, so it’s important to know the signs of an infestation in order to take action quickly. Common signs that you may have a rhino beetle problem include seeing the insects themselves around your property or noticing damage to vegetation such as leaves being chewed up or holes in plants. You may also notice sweet-smelling odors coming from certain areas of your yard, which could indicate that rhino beetles are present. If you suspect you have an infestation of rhino beetles in your Texas home, contact Magic Pest & Lawn right away for expert pest control services!

Identifying Rhino Beetles

Rhino beetles are a type of beetle belonging to the Scarabaeoid family. They have an oval shape and vary in color, ranging from black or brown to yellow or white. The most distinguishing feature of rhino beetles is their large horns that protrude out from the head and thorax area. These horns are used for defense against predators, as well as for fighting with other males during mating season. Rhino beetles also possess short antennae and long legs, which allow them to move quickly when necessary. While they may be intimidating looking due to their size and horns, these insects are harmless to humans and do not sting or bite people.

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