Ringtail Cat Control

Ringtail Cats in Austin, TX

The ringtail cat is a mammal that lives in the Austin area. They are found throughout the western and mid-western United States. Ringtail cats, contrary to their name, are not related to any cat breed. They are actually within the same genetic family as racoons and coatimundis. This animal has distinct features, including their long, bushy black and white tail, and their small size. The black and white rings on their tail is how they got their name, ringtail. If you are looking for humane wildlife control to remove a ringtail cat from your property, call Magic Pest & Lawn today! Our professionals are experts in local pest control, wildlife control, and rodent control in the greater Austin area.

Ringtail Cat Wildlife Control

Ringtail cats are dangerous to the health of yourself, your family and other pets. Although ringtails try to avoid human contact, their feces can spread various dangerous diseases and bacteria to humans. They become a dangerous nuisance once they get into your kitchen, garage, or attic. Ringtails can make a mess and leave infected feces when they dig through leftovers and trash. This can attract other insects and animals into your home, which continues the infestation. These mammals also make loud snickering noises, similar to that of a raccoon, which can become quite annoying. If you suspect you have ringtail cats living inside your home or property, contact Magic Pest & Lawn today for humane wildlife control and removal.

Why Magic Pest & Lawn?

The professionals at Magic Pest in Austin, TX, have years of experience in local pest control, wildlife control, weed control and rodent control. Our experts strive to provide wildlife control and rodent control services as humanely as possible, in order to protect our clients and the species we are removing. We prioritize high quality workmanship and customer service to ensure you have a seamless and non-invasive pest and wildlife control service experience.

If you need humane wildlife control and removal in Austin, contact Magic Pest & Lawn today!