Sand Burs Control in Austin, TX

Magic Pest and Lawn’s weed control experts provide Austin’s safest, most effective weed killer for Sand Burs in grass and gardens.

sandbur-magic-pest-austin-txMagic Pest and Lawn’s Austin weed control and lawn care professionals have the experience to help you with your Sand Burs control and weed management problems–no matter how big or small.If you spot a plant in your Austin lawn or garden that be out of place that has laid like carpet and has flat blades with hairy, thin outgrown leaf stalks, you may need Magic Pest and Lawn’s Crabgrass control services before this weed takes over your landscape.

Sand burs, or sometimes called sticker burs, are a type of grass in the flowering plant called Poaceae. Animals feed on sand burs when the plant is young, but as they mature, they produce sharp seed pods that catch onto clothing and scratch children or grazing animals.

Sand burs are considered an annual weed. They are native plants found in the warm and sandy areas of North America. Austin, Texas makes for a great location for sand burs. Sand burs love dry, sandy soil and patchy lawns. They can grow up to 40 inches tall and they spread quickly. 

Identifying Sand Burs

Sand burs lay like carpet and have flat blades with hairy, thin outgrown leaf stalks. Sand burs blend into regular grass because they are light green and look very similar to your grass. Sand burs have sharp seed pods that fall off the flower when it is ripe. Sand burs spread quickly, especially when they get stuck on clothing, animals, or people. Unfortunately, you may not know you are dealing with sand burs until the burs are evident. The ends of the sand burs present themselves and detach easily in August. 

Sand Burs Weed Control

Controlling sand burs is important to prevent well-maintained lawns from being ruined by weeds. This can be quite a challenge in the middle of summer when people and animals are most active.  Mowing your lawn can help prevent the weed from forming its burs. Raking and picking up discarded yard waste can help keep them from spreading. 

At Magic Pest and Lawn, we provide steps to help identify Sand burs and to come up with a customized plan to keep Sand burs off your lawn and out of your landscape. We know you are proud to have a green, healthy, lush lawn and landscape that is properly nourished and protected, and we want to help you maintain it.

Contact Magic Pest and Lawn’s Austin Sand bur control experts today for help controlling Sand burs in your Austin yard today!