Scarlet Laurel Bug

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Scarlet Laurel Bug 

The Scarlet Laurel Bug is also known as the Red Mountain Laurel Mirid and commonly considered a plant bug because of its feeding style. A plant bug like the Scarlet Laurel Bug pierces the tissue of a plant to eat the sap and nutrients from within the plant. Structurally this can damage the plant and it makes this type of bug harder to control with normal pesticides. Pesticides are usually sprayed onto the surface of a plant that the bug will feed on. In this particular type of bug, they never feed on the exterior of the plant so they don’t ingest the pesticide. For large infestations, you will want to contact a professional pest control company to assist you. 

Identification of the Scarlet Laurel Bug

This pest is particularly easy to identify and a very pretty bug, if you believe in pretty bugs! The bright red color contrasts with the black wing area and is in no way similar to a lady bug with the same coloring. The Scarlet Laurel Bug has an oval shape with a more flattened appearance. They can infiltrate an area and be very easy to spot because of their coloring and specific plant host that they like to feed from. These insects are also called Red Mountain Laurel Mirids because of the plant they like to feed from. 

Damage Caused by the Scarlet Laurel Bug

While we only see the Scarlet Laurel Bug activity in early to late spring, a large infestation can cause damage to plants. Called the Scarlet Laurel Bug because they’re usually associated with feeding on Mountain Laurel. These insects cause disfiguration to the leaves of the plants. While they may not cause serious harm to the life of the plant, they will show signs of distress on the foliage or leaves which can slow the growth of the plant. Over-watering will draw more bugs to the source. Try not to overwater if you notice these bugs. 

Eliminating the Scarlet Laurel Bug from Your Garden 

Traditional pesticides can have very little effect on the Scarlet Laurel Bug because of how it feeds. There are different chemicals that can be used by professionals to help eliminate this pest. You will want to discuss which plants you have growing with our team so that we can properly treat them without damage to other plants. We work with our customers to protect their lawn and gardens while treating pest and weed problems safely. Diversifying your soil can also help with eliminating this type of insect. Drainage issues, soil conditions and nutrients in your soil may be creating the perfect home for the Scarlet Laurel Bug. Contact us to learn more about treatments and diversifying your soil. 

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