Selective and Nonselective Herbicides

Selective and Nonselective Herbicides in Austin, TX

There are two main categories of herbicides for weed control. They are selective and nonselective herbicides. At Magic Pest & Lawn, we offer weed control services in Austin with both types of treatments. Our experts are highly trained in all local weed control services, including spring weed control, summer weed control, and winter weed control. Our herbicides help to get rid of broadleaf weeds, like dandelions, chickweeds and thistle; grassy weeds, like bluegrass, crabgrass and goosegrass; and many other local weeds in Austin.

What are selective herbicides?

Selective herbicides are a form of low toxicity weed control that specifically target only certain types of weeds, while not harming your desirable plants. When using herbicides, it is extremely important that you read all of the safety instructions, and apply the exact amount of herbicide at the right time for each specific type of weed. The professionals at Magic Pest & Lawn have years of experience with chemical weed control, summer weed control, spring weed control, and winter weed control. We are experts in identifying weeds, grasses and plants, and can effectively remove your unwanted weeds safely and efficiently.

What are nonselective herbicides?

Nonselective herbicides are a form of weed control that affects many different types of weeds and plants, instead of specializing in one kind. One of the most popular kinds of nonselective herbicides used for weed control is RoundUp. Because this type of herbicide can affect all plant life, it is important for those using it to be experienced and safe. Luckily, the professionals at Magic Pest & Lawn in Austin have immense experience with local weed control and chemical weed control, for all seasons of the year. Our expert technicians have many years of experience identifying the types of weeds, and using herbicides to eliminate them.

If you need local weed control services in Austin, contact Magic Pest & Lawn today!