Shepherd's Purse Control in Austin, TX

Magic Pest and Lawn’s weed control experts provide Austin’s safest, most effective weed killer for Shepherd’s Purse in grass and gardens.

Magic Pest and Lawn’s Austin weed control and lawn care professionals have the experience to help you with your Shepherd’s Purse control and weed management problems–no matter how big or small.

If you see a flowering broadleaf weed that is out of place in your Austin yard, garden, crop fields, or pastures you may be dealing Shepherd’s Purse. This year-round weed has been known to be edible, but can be a nuisance when it is not wanted. 

Shepherd’s Purse inhabits agricultural and disturbed areas. This is why you will find them most in yards, gardens, crop fields, or anywhere that experiences more traffic. 

Identifying Shepherd’s Purse 

A young plant forms a rosette of lobed, toothed, leaves at the base. From the base a stem begins to rise to about 1 foot. The stem is topped with clusters of small white flowers with a few pointed leaves. Flowers have four petals that produce flattened, two chamber seed pods, which are triangular to heart shaped. Shepherd’s Purse can be mistaken for wild mustard. 

Shepherd’s Purse Weed Control

Shepherd’s Purse can be difficult to get rid of because animals love to eat it. They can spread the seeds quickly, and over a large area. It is important to get rid of the weed as soon as you see it pop up, before it starts to produce seeds. Shepherd’s Purse is one of the first weeds to sprout in Spring.

If you’re looking for the most effective, affordable methods of how to kill Shepherd’s Purse in lawns, consult the weed control and lawn care experts at Magic Pest and Lawn today!