Smokybrown Cockroaches

Smokybrown Cockroach Control - Austin, TX

The smokybrown cockroach is a serious household pest that is named after its color. This cockroach is a deep blackish-brown and grows to around an inch and a half in length. This pest has long and powerful wings that they use to search for food, water and a mate. These cockroaches are usually found in places with high temperatures and humidity, like Austin, Texas or Florida. Smokybrown cockroaches often get inside houses through open doors and windows, or can be carried inside accidentally when inside firewood or other objects. This species is also attracted to light and will sometimes fly into a home when a door is left open and an interior light is left on. While inside your home, smokybrown cockroaches will search for food and water, and rest themselves in poorly-ventilated, humid areas, like in your walls or attic. Then, once they nestled in their new home, they lay eggs. If you think you may have a smokybrown cockroach infestation, contact the experts at Magic Pest and Lawn.

The Dangers of Smokybrown Cockroaches

Similar to most cockroaches, they do not harm the structure of your home or furniture. But, since their natural habitat is in highly contaminated areas, such as sewage pipes, they can carry many different serious diseases and illnesses. This can make you, your children, and even your other pets severely sick. This cockroach also carries a special protein within its exoskeleton, which can cause those with severe asthma or allergies to get very sick. Because this cockroach will be looking for food, water and mates, the cockroach will crawl on everyday surfaces, like your kitchen counter, bathroom sink, or even directly on fresh produce. This could lead to you directly ingesting the dangerous diseases it may be carrying. Also, huge flying cockroaches aren’t necessarily a sight for sore eyes.

If you are having problems with any smokybrown cockroaches on your property, call Magic Pest and Lawn today for the best pest control services in Austin!