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Swarmers - Ants & Termites

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At Magic Pest, we are one of the top pest control service providers in Texas. We handle pests, rodents and uninvited guests of all shapes and sizes. We manage homes or businesses throughout the Austin area. Our team offers the best pest prevention and maintenance available. If you’re not sure what type of pest infestation you’re dealing with, give us a call! Our team of technicians are trained to identify any species of pests or rodents so that we properly treat the species specific to your issue.

What Are Swarmers?

“Swarmers,” even the word makes me want to scratch and swat at the air! Tis the season for swarmers! So, what are swarmers? Well, this is a reproductive stage of ants and termites when they first leave their colonies and still have wings. Their wings are chewed off or shed off naturally soon after leaving, but while they have them, they swarm. While ants are annoying and nobody wants them inside, termites are a much bigger problem, so how can you tell them apart to decide which pest infestation you have and; therefore, what type of pest management you need?

Ant Swarmer vs. Termite Swarmer Visually

Swarmer Pest Problem Identification

Seeing them side by side, they may seem pretty easy to identify, but when you’re fighting for your life in a swarm, identifying them at that moment isn’t your first instinct! So, let’s discuss. 

Ant Swarmer Pest Problem Identification

Ant swarmers have antennae that are bent at a 90degree angle. The pinched waist is also a giveaway that you’re dealing with ants. It’s unusual to find one with the wings still completely intact. If you do, the front wing is larger than the back one. The males will retain their wings after landing by the die after mating. 

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Termite Swarmer Pest Problem Identification

Termite swarmers will show with straight antennae along with a solid or straight abdomen. The pinched waist will not be present on a termite. The wings of termites are very veiny compared to the ant. Wings may be all you find when dealing with termites, they shed their wings rather than chew them off. So, finding veined wings may be a sign of an already hidden problem if they’ve found a place to start their colony. 

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To Compare: Ants & Termites

Bent AntennaeStraight Antennae
Pinched WaistThick, Solid Abdomen
4 Wings, 2 Front Wings Are Larger4 Wings of Equal Size

Immediate Pest Control through Magic Pest

While seeing a swarm of insects near your home or business doesn’t usually leave a warm and fuzzy feeling, it’s not always a reason to panic. Indoor swarms, that’s when you panic and need immediate pest control. Whether your swarmers are inside or outside, we can prevent them from moving in permanently. Our team at Magic Pest is trained to properly identify and therefore treat, correctly, the precise species that you’re dealing with, from carpenter ants to termites and bed bugs. We offer the best pest solution service programs in Austin, dedicated to taking care of families and businesses, as our neighbors and friends.

Pest Maintenance Program with Magic Pest

Our pest maintenance program is the best option to safeguard your home or business against unwanted pest infestations, bed bugs and rodents. We can properly identify problems within your environment to protect your investment against unwanted pests. Contact us today with questions or to get started on a pest free home or business with a tailored pest control plan from Magic Pest. Contact Us | Pest Control Austin | Magic Pest And Lawn – Austin, TX 

Pest Control Services

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