Turf Grass Rust Control in Austin, TX

lawn turf rust controlIf your seemingly manicured grass is starting to look orange or even yellow, you might be dealing with Grass Rust. It is a fungal disease that causes lawns to look orange or yellow from a distance. The fungus produces spores that are orange and powdery, and look like rust. The rust is easily transferable from grass blades to shoes, articles of clothing, mowers, and even pets. Turf Grass Rust is a common lawn fungus. 

Turf Grass Rust is common to appear from spring to fall when temperatures are between 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this fungal disease can develop during drier periods of heat and bright sunlight, it typically thrives in mild, humid weather, and stressed and undernourished grass. 

Signs of Grass Rust 

Grass that becomes diseased will have yellow spots on the blades. Over time, the yellow spots become larger and the fungus breaks through the outer blade surface. Once this happens orange powdery spores will become visible. When the rust outbreak becomes severe you will notice thinning turf as well as die back. 

Shaded areas that have compacted soil or newly seeded, are vulnerable to rust fungus. The fungus is likely to spread to places with less robust grass, too much water on grass blades, or grass that lacks nitrogen that is needed for growth.  

Turf Grass Rust Control

It is important to make sure that your lawn is properly fed and not over watered. If these steps are being taken, but you are still seeing rust on your lawn, call the experts at Magic Pest and Lawn to help identify the problem and rid your lawn of rust. Our experts can come up with a routine to make sure that Turf Grass Rust does not return.

If you’re looking for the most effective, affordable methods of how to control Turf Grass Rust on your lawn, consult the lawn care experts at Magic Pest and Lawn today.