Webworm Control

Webworm Control Austin, TX

webworm-control-austin-texasWebworm control is an important service in the Austin area. While Webworms do not cause substantial damage to the tree itself, it is very unsightly to see in your Austin tree. Webworms are native to Austin and they are most noticeable from June to August, but certain species can produce a second generation and you may notice them in October as well. Webworms do not always appear every year and are typically episodic in nature, but some species can be seen nearly every year. Catching webworm early is very important. Once they take hold in a tree, there is not much that can be done, so contacting Magic Pest and Lawn as soon as any signs of Webworms for your webworm control is especially important.

Webworms Types

There are two main types of Webworms in the Austin area. There is a blackhead version that can produce two generations in a year and an orange head version that only produces one generation per year. Orange-headed webworm moths lay their eggs in Mid-June and it takes 60-70 days for the eggs to reach the pupal stage. Black-headed worms on the other hand lay their eggs in May, which allows them to get an extra generation completed.

Webworm Infestation Signs

The first signs of a webworm infestation are the brown webs that begin to occur at the ends of the branches. You will also see small, hairy, yellow-brown worms feeding on leaves inside the webs. As they grow and eat the leaves inside of the web, they will begin to leave the webs to feed on leaves outside of the webs at night. In the late stages, you will notice that they find hiding places inside tree bark or leaf litter under trees to overwinter.

Getting Rid of Webworms

If you notice that you might have a webworm infestation, contact Magic Pest and lawn as soon as possible so that we can resolve the webworm control issue as soon as possible to keep your trees looking as beautiful as they can. If you have fruit-bearing trees, you need to contact us so that you can harvest your fruits when they’re ready.

Contact Magic Pest and Lawn as Soon as Possible If You Suspect That you May Have a Webworm Control Issue in the Austin Area.