Whiteflies- Austin, TX

Whiteflies-Control-Austin-TxWhiteflies are often mistaken for white moths. They are not truly flies at all. Whiteflies are closely related to sap-sucking insects, and are very skittish and will flutter up and fly away when disturbed. 

Whiteflies are small, about an 1/2 inch long, and they are triangular shaped. Whiteflies hide on the underside of leaves in clusters, making them sometimes hard to detect and hard to control.

They have a quick flight pattern which can also make them hard to kill. Whiteflies are also prolific breeders. 

Whiteflies mature quickly and can lay eggs in 16 days during mid to late parts of summer. Whiteflies are capable of reproducing throughout the year in warmer climates. They are attracted to warm-weather vegetable plants, including: tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and okra. 

Whiteflies cause a lot of damage to your plants by sucking out the liquids and leaving them to turn yellow and wither away. Like aphids, whiteflies also leave a sticky substance known as honeydew. Honeydew left on leaves can cause fungal diseases, and is a sign that whiteflies have been feeding on that plant for days. You can check the underside of leaves, if whiteflies are feeding on the leaves, they will fly off in a swarm. 

Whitefly eggs look like little white ovals without legs. They do not start feeding right away but because of their gestational period, whiteflies are missed until it is too late. Adult female whiteflies can produce up to 400 eggs. Eggs are laid in a circular pattern and are pale yellow when they are just laid, and turn brown when they are about to hatch. 

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