Bait Stations

Rodent Bait Stations - Austin, TX

If your Austin property needs humane, yet effective rodent control, Magic Pest’s wildlife control team uses cutting-edge rodent bait stations to solve your rodent problems for good.

Whether you have rodents in your home or running wild on your outside property, rodents can cause lots of frustration and costly damage to your home and garden. Rodents such as mice, squirrels, rats, and chipmunks can cause significant structural damage to your Austin home or yard, and what’s worse, these creatures also carry serious diseases.  

Fortunately, the wildlife and rodent control professionals at Magic Pest and Lawn can help you get rid of rodents using our high-quality rodent bait stations. Rodent bait stations have a number of advantages compared to other pest removal options.

How Rodent Bait Stations Can Solve Your Rodent Problems

Magic Pest and Lawn continuously researches to find the top rodent baiting systems in the industry, so we can stay a step ahead of the rest when it comes to local pest and rodent control services. Here is how our innovative rodent bait stations can work to keep your home and yard rodent-free: 

· Baiting systems provide effective control of large rodent populations when trapping would be impractical.

· Using weather resistant baits in tamper resistant bait stations provides long term rodent control.

· Bait stations provide a protected and enclosed place where rodents feel more secure.

· Rodent can be picky and will not eat spoiled food. Bait stations keep rodenticides fresh and palatable.

· Rodent bait stations are secured so a child or animal cannot move, shake or open them.

Rodent bait stations alone are rarely enough to fully eliminate all of your rodent problems. This method must be combined with pest-proofing and sanitation improvements.

Contact Magic Pest and Lawn today to learn more about rodent baiting systems and how our rodent control team can help you get on the road to a rodent-free home and garden.