Live Traps

Live Traps for Rodents - Austin, TX

Magic Pest and Lawn’s wildlife control professionals can use humane, safe live trap raccoons, possums, squirrels and other large mammals when they become a problem on your Austin property. Our goal is to get rid of squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and additional rodents using live traps that will help protect both your family and the animal from harm.

Although some rodents may seem cute and harmless, they can cause serious and costly structural damage to your Austin home and even worse, often carry serious diseases. However, if you are looking for an animal-friendly, humane way to remove these rodents from your home, live traps for rodents are the way to go.

Magic Pest’s wildlife control team is always up-to-date on the most innovative and effective live traps for rodent control, which is why we are proud to provide the finest professional live trap services to help you get rid of your rodent infestation as humanely as possible.

Many live trap services claim to be humane, but actually do a tremendous amount of damage to the animal, leaving it too weak to survive after being released. At Magic Pest, we use live traps that are properly designed proven to have a high success rate in effectively trapping and releasing a healthy animal back into the wild and away from your home.

Benefits of Live-Trapping Rodents

Trapping animals has a few additional benefits. The first is that it doesn’t require the use of strong pesticides in your home and around your family. It also prevents a situation in which a rodent that you have poisoned dies in an inaccessible part of your home, which can lead to awful odors as it decomposes and attracts more wildlife.

Traps alone won’t fully eliminate all of your rodent problems. This method must be combined with pest-proofing and sanitation improvements.

Contact Magic Pest and Lawn’s wildlife control team today, and one of our experienced live-trapping technicians can help you find the most effective rodent control method for you!