Raccoons and Opossums

Raccoon and Possum Control- Austin, TX

Magic Pest and Lawn offers affordable, humane raccoon and possum control that keeps these pesky creatures from wreaking havoc on your Austin home and garden.  Raccoons and opossums are some of the worst pests to have on or near your property. These nocturnal creatures are often causing all sorts of problems overnight, and they are difficult to get rid of, making it imperative to call Magic Pest and Lawn’s wildlife removal services for all your raccoon and possum control needs. If you are having problems with raccoons or opossums, contact Magic Pest right away.

Raccoon Control Services

Raccoons are very clever animals and they have learned to adapt very well to suburban environments, such as Austin and the surrounding areas. Raccoons dig through trash, tear-up yards, and destroy anything to obtain food. Raccoon removal is very important because the raccoons will get into the attic of your home and do a surprising amount of damage in a short period of time. Raccoons absolutely should not be permitted to stay in your attic and should be removed by a Magic Pest professional as soon as they are discovered.

Possum Control Services

Opossums or possums, however you choose to spell it, can cause a multitude of problems on your Austin property, especially to your garden or sod. These rat-tailed mammals can also cause a lot of damage to your house as they try to gain entry. Possums will take up residence under sheds, in hot tubs and outbuildings, and are very fond of dark garages. Opossums also have 50 sharp teeth, and may attack if they feel cornered.

Raccoons and possums can do a lot of damage to your property and do harm to your family or pets. Raccoons and opossums may seem cute and non-threatening, but don’t take a risk allowing these pests to run wild around your home. Professional possum and raccoon removal services can save your from costly damages, small annoyances, and major health and safety concerns.

Contact Magic Pest and Lawn’s raccoon removal and possum removal team today to begin dealing with these pests once and for all!